We have a dream… of a global school where creative leaders, responsible entrepreneurs and change makers meet and learn, practice and play, have fun and work together in teams whilst networking.

We dream of a school where the students can work with real world challenges. A place where partners, clients, visitors and friends join us regularly to look at questions and challenges together.

And we dream of a school that is a living organism with self-responsible human beings who cherish new ideas and work to strengthen life in all forms.


WhiteEagle Woman, the keeper and teacher of the Council Guide Training that is part of the KaosPilots’ curriculum on new leaders:

The new leaders understand what I call ‘tribal mind’. They understand that every individual in a circle of business or any other structure is only as strong as the circle is together, and the circle is only as strong as the individuals in it.  AND this leader understands that these two ideas must be of equal importance.
The modern leader knows that the world is healthiest through diversity, and harmony and has the conflict resolution skills to promote this ground.  The new leader understands the best form of leadership is example, and has taken their own self-growth and learning as primary to promote the leadership skills in all others.
The modern leader senses strength and power and knows how to gather agreement in a circle to harness these abilities to create wholeness.
The modern leader is not triggered into imbalances when things don’t go right, but is excited by the nature of life being that all things change, and change brings growth.
The modern leader understands all of life is sacred.  And the modern leader has the skills to see the strength and unique gifts in others and knows how to encourage these gifts into the world.
Council Guide Training offers all of these skills to be learned, practiced and grown in each participant.  Each participant is taught and guided in growing their own inner gifts and helped to become aware of their unique gifts and passions, and taught the skills for building a strong and harmonious structure for business or group life and given the skills of conflict resolution to deal with any disharmony.