Team SUI 6

The students of Team SUI 6 come from Colombia, Indonesia, Switzerland and the USA.

I am Afif from Indonesia. To be a jack of all trades is to acknowledge that nothing is impossible and that there are no limits to human potential, believing that we can do anything long as our heart and soul are fully present in everything that we do.
To be a master of none is to realize our current reality and limitations, that our society is not always an open door, and that we do not have every chance and time to do everything that the world has to offer.

Afif Muhammad Fatchurrahman

My name is Andrea and I come from Lucerne Switzerland. I am a social
worker with over fifteen-year of experience in hospice and palliative care.
The concept of working in multidisciplinary teams which aims at the
whole spectrum of physical, psychological, social, cultural and
spiritual care are fascinating to me to this day. Implementing holistic
concepts and projects sustainable into lively practice is another matter
that challenged me. So I’m here to learn more about all of that and… about me.

Andrea Jenny

My name is Didier, I am half French and half Swiss. I am a father of two children (12 and 14). I travelled the world for business, with the French navy, as a tourist
and/or volunteer. I am engaging more and more in social action like “Film für die Erde”, Buskers and Repair café in Bern. Joining the KaosPilots school is a big step for me and a challenge, but I believe this education will bring me forward in my life.

Didier Picamoles

My name is Elke, and I am nearly 50 years on my life journey. I started in the East (part of Germany) and lived for the last 20 years in the West (Switzerland). On my way I encountered many different lifestyles:  family, communities, running a business, ups and downs, south and north.
At the moment I’am working part time as a nurse in a rehabilitation center. The most important thing now is that I started with the KaosPilots education. I wish to connect with my inspiration, my knowledge, and my talent for improvisation. I wish to create a network and some housing projects for people of all generations as well as handicapped people.

Elke Kalt

My name is Francisco and I am from Colombia. I love music and I
recognize the importance of it in the communities. I enjoy working in
the production of concerts and cultural activities that are destined to
touch the communities in a really positive way. I believe in liberating
education and horizontal work, where we all learn, participate and
decide. I am a KaosPilot, I am freedom of expression, I am love, I am
energy, I am work and action.

Francisco Acosta

My name is Sydney and I come from the USA. I am an unconstrained, mission-driven female with the strong intention of creating change. When I was a little girl and my parents asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up, I told them I wanted to change the world. As a KaosPilot in Switzerland I am taking the leaps and risks necessary to manifest this vision and become the catalyst I was born to be. I envision a world that works for everybody, in which people come
together to serve a shared purpose, and feel empowered to create change
and make an impact. I believe that the KaosPilots Switzerland provides a
strong foundation of knowledge and an unparalleled opportunity to
explore the human potential.

Sydney Hayes