Team SUI 5

The students of Team SUI 5 come from Denmark, Ecuador, South Africa und Switzerland.

Hi there, I’m David Pipola and I joined Team SUI 5 to find out who I really am. There has always been a strong fire burning inside myself but I started losing it more and more the deeper I dived into our educational system. I’m here to bring this fire back and learn how to reach the full potential of my abilities and beyond. I’m sure this school will put me to my limits but eventually to conquer them to allow me to go my own way.

David Pipola

I’m a flower not a door,
I’m open but half closed,
I’m the feeling not the dream,
My wings fly all over the world.
Memories, mirrors, shapes
I’m the big old forest,
Wild with its own chaotic order.
Magic words: conscious connection
Words to reinvent our-self
embrace our subjectivity.
Moments to be, think,
or just felt intensively.
From chaos to chaos, much love and light.​

Doménica Toro

My name is Mandisa Ngqulana from Cape Town. I am a creative practitioner with experience in Visual Art, Photography, Visual Merchandising, Fashion magazines and TV Production.
Recently, I have been involved in visual arts, working within the gallery space and with artists. However, I am keen to get back into more community orientated projects and thus, I saw applying for the Kaospilot program will be a great opportunity to use and grow some of my skills.

Mandisa Ngqulana

I am Mario von Gunten and I used to be an electrician and solar-power-hunter. Sometimes, it feels like human beings are in their own tunnel on planet earth. I think that many of us know that we need sustainable solutions to stay alive on this planet. This big job needs to be done through teamwork and mutual understanding, which is what I want to learn. It is therefore great to go to my own life school and be a part of an open-minded community – so, let’s start changing!

Mario von Gunten

I am Melina Wälti. I grew up in Biel, Switzerland and studied Social Work in Bern. I am a very curious person and I have had over twenty different jobs so far. I enjoy meeting people and step into new territories, which is why I want to study with the Kaospilots. My vision is a connected world and I truly believe that when we organize ourselves, collaboration will have tremendous value and will reclaim the power of the people.

Melina Wälti

Sweet greetings, I am Sibahle Nkumbi. I am a South African and a Kaospilot of Team SUI 5. I am a being that knows that we become who we were meant to be. When I decided to embark on this beautiful journey of being a pilot, it was because I felt like there is more to the world than what we think. We are all connected which makes the platform of growing mentally, spiritually and physically through education. We will give back gladly to the world while reaching our highest potential. I am all that was, all that is and all that will be. I strongly feel that when we work together we can achieve more, also realising parts of ourselves we never knew. The Universe is full of possibilities.

Sibahle Nkumbi

My name is Ulrik Ploug Lorentzen of Team SUI 5. I am. I can be anything I want to be. I am learning to accept just being everything I am with no pretences of who or what I am. Change starts within myself. Therefore I’m becoming free of the parts of myself that are holding me back utilizing my talents to their full potential. I want the world to be a happier place when I leave it. I want to change outdated educational systems.

Ulrik Ploug Lorentzen