Team SUI 1

The members of Team SUI 1 have received their diploma as KaosPilots in July 2015. Congratulations to Jonas Morgenthaler, Jan Grossenbacher, Mario Grossenbacher, Giuliano Mordasini, Marc Schütz, Anna Fritsche, Roman Stähli, Sacha Winckler, Claudia Rauber and Sam Nüesch. Photos by Rahel Krabichler.

Meet the members of Team SUI 1 and learn about their skils, vision and work after the KaosPilot education.

Anna Fritsche
– the world –

Transforming stories and bringing their essence to the surface has been my job as journalist, designer, tattooer and activist. Through KaosPilots Team SUI 1, I found a way to combine working visually yet analytic, mixing processes with rituals, focussing both on a clear vision and concrete action steps. During my final year, I worked at The Grove in San Francisco/USA to learn more about the power of visualized thought.

These days, I’m considering myself a visual bridge builder, working mainly as graphic facilitator (designing processes, moderating them and capturing their essence in visual form), graphic recorder (you hold a lecture, workshop or moderate a discussion, I draw large scale visuals) and graphic coach (you reflect, I ask and capture your thoughts in a comic).

I’m driven to use my skills to help finding ways into a sustainable future and creating it together. Currently, I’m on an action reserach trip through different European cities to find interesting projects and a new homebase. Read more about my current adventures, thoughts and experiences on

Mario Grossenbacher – Basel, Switzerland –

For the final KaosPilots project we were asked to come up with nothing less than our individual life concept. I created my own company called Rio Grande focusing on „Purposeful growth“. The company is offering a wide range of products and services grouped into Dare, Care and Share. The fundament or essence of all activities I call TIP&Fun. TIP stays for Trust, Intuition and Passion. Fun is a promise to be happy and have fun in everything we do.

Sam Nüesch – Bern, Switzerland –

In my 3rd year I explored how I can bring all my fields of interest, my passions and my skills under one umbrella that feels organic and allows me to move as one. As it became clear that learning brings this all together, I am forming a company called hungrylearners. Learning is following ones curiousity, processing imagination to creative manifestation and the sensations towards understanding. We provide coachings, processes, workshops and lectures for people and organizations that awaken and foster the learning attitude. Last but not least I am more than happy to be one of two teamleaders for Team SUI 4 which is starting the KaosPilots in October 2015!

Claudia Rauber – Bern, Switzerland –

Right now I burn from core. Deeply in love with beauty, change and healing.
DANCE – have fun, be seen. Burlesque, expression, loving provocation, humour. Questioning pruderie and taboos.
SEE – photography, imagination. What is beauty? How to tell a story?
GROW – personal and collective evolution. Personal coachings, groups and circles. Fire increases when being shared

My dream after graduation with Kaospilots Team SUI 1? Being nourished and on fire. Earn a living with passion. Share.

Meet me on Facebook/corative

Roman Stähli – Bern, Switzerland –

Currently I am working part-time as an electrician, which trains my body fitness, my leadership style, my communication skills and my ability to deal with change and unknown situations in a construction field.

The other two days I am on the road as an entrepreneur.
Stauna Coaching is a service that for now is available as a personal coaching in a location that fits the client’s purpose. In the future, I will offer my coaching in and around my caravan.

Another passion of mine is Stauna Upcycling. It is a team project with the aim to create new, interesting products. We use objects that have been thrown away or can’t be used any longer. Through inspiration we change the purpose of the objects. Our aim is to design products which are unique and last longer than their original purpose was. We create lamps, wardrobes, flower boxes and more. Whenever possible we process used materials and parts.

Furthermore, I am writing the concept for the Aare-Sauna in Bern and I am a mentor for a 13 year old teenager within the Rock your life program.

If you are curious or have any questions, please get in touch with me.

and Giu MordasiniJan GrossenbacherJonas MorgenthalerMarc Schütz and Sacha Winckler

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