The staff of KaosPilots Switzerland currently consists of:

– Markus Schmidt as team leader for the second year
Cedric Zaugg as co-team leader for the first year and responsible for collaboration
Sam Nüesch as co-team leader for the first year
Helen Eriksen as responsible for the “Inner Pilot”
Martina Straub as responsible for finance
Daniela Renaud as responsible for events
Karsten Klockenbring as accountant
Fredrik Petterson as point for students’ finances
Trix Angst as responsible for communication
Franziska Meyer as responsible for sustainability
– and Matti Straub-Fischer as headmaster and team leader for the third year.

We are supported by the KaosPilots in Aarhus, Denmark, our Sounding Group (25 members) and our Ambassadors (currently 80 personalities from all sectors).

KaosPilots Switzerland does not employ any full-time teachers, but engages experienced trainers and teachers for specific modules.

Our governance: We have weekly staff meetings and we meet every 3 months for a school council with students, staff, teachers, partners and friends to look at what can be celebrated from the last 3 months, as well as what needs.