Spring Academy

The KaosPilots are organising their first Spring Academy 2018:

Friday, 25th of May, from 9:00 to 17:00:
Spring Academy – What the FUTURE?

As educators, entrepreneurs, leaders and innovative minds, we have to be a step ahead. We know that we have to prepare and take actions today if we want to be ready for the future tomorrow.

During the day you will learn and work with different entrepreneurs and leaders and design multiple scenarios for the future of work, they will help de-mystify the future of work and help you understand how to create opportunities for yourselves and others. At the end of the day, we (you included) will also work on creating a future-guide with all the ideas, best practices, and key learnings from the day, for you to use in your own work and organisations.

We plan to start our day together, by getting to know each other over a light breakfast, Bernese style: Coffee and Gipfeli, thereafter we will move into the day’s program which begins at 9 am with the official “check-in” which consists of a roll-call and getting to know a little something about the people you’ll be learning from and working with throughout the day – an icebreaker, only less awkward. In the morning, we will focus on identifying the trends that will be most relevant in the future of work. We will hear inputs from experts from various fields who will help paint a clearer over-arching narrative/map of what you could expect in the future of work across various sectors.

In the afternoon, we will work collectively, in order to identify opportunities, potential threats and strategies on how to cope with this brave new world that awaits us… This part will be held in an open space format for everyone to contribute to and learn about the topics they are most interested in. There will also be plenty of time during the day to connect with the other participants, exchange and maybe even co-create your own future with a new project/joint venture. The workshop will end at 5 pm with a collective “check-out”.

You will be guided throughout the day by the KaosPilots, who will act as your hosts for the day, they will be carefully crafting the overall design, including trying to source the best possible content contributors, the finest fair-trade coffee, the freshest gipfeli,and everything else in between – and also making sure that you feel comfortable both in the space, and in your working groups. All while trying to ensure the best possible experience for you the participant, so that you can focus on learning and contributing to the process and the outcome (think Cabin Crew – but in Business Class… nice! right?)

And of course, we will provide snacks, drinks, lunch and all the materials needed during the day.

Are you in? Great!
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