Master Classes

We are often asked how we work and learn with our students, but also what has made us one of the most inspiring alternative business schools for change. We are asked to speak and teach about how to deal with chaos in a creative way, how to create self-organizing teams where the voice of every person matters and how we are living into the new educational paradigm of co-creation.
Based on many requests, we have now created four inspiring Master classes for companies and organizations to participate in with us.

Master class 1: What is the new paradigm in education and business and how can you live into it?
The educational world is changing, so is the business world. How can you create attractive learning and working environments by combining new methods with ancient teachings from earthbound cultures? And how do you grow into success?

Master class 2: Inner Pilot – how to deal with chaos and order like a KaosPilot
How do you move mindfully through chaotic times? What is needed to empower your people to navigate through challenging times? How can the old wisdom of the Delicate Lodge Teachings (Council Guide Training) support you in growing strong and
healthy relationships? How to deal with stress and tough situations?

Master class 3: Open innovation and healthy relationships in your business
How can you foster collaboration and co-creation so that inno vation and growth happen simultaneously in a company? How do you enable collaboration between people from different age groups and cultures? How do you build bridges and change old patterns in an organization?

Master class 4: Leading a company like a tribe – are you ready?
How to create a highly self-organizing and non-hierarchical, healthy and strong organization in which every voice matters? What does this demand from your people and your leaders?

Master classes

  • can be booked for 1 or 1,5 days
  • are offered for groups of 8 to 250 people
  • are facilitaed by a KaosPilot staff member and supported by students
  • start with an inspirational speech of a staff member
  • work with homour, joy and creativity
  • are held in the Innovationsdorf Bern or in your company

Read more on the Master classes in the “What’s new?” newspaper (PDF)