Do you want to be a KaosPilots for one day? The KaosDays are your chance to meet us, co-create with us and walk away with a new tool and new perspectives for your work and life. We have designed a series of three different KaosDays that we host every autumn/winter.

KAOSDAYS 2017/2018


We all get shaken sometimes. It can be the noise from the neighbor’s kids, a split up with our partner or a promotion that challenges us. And there is stuff going on around us: climate change, migration, wars, economies shattering, fake news. At the same time, there is beauty, stunning beauty when we look into the night-sky, take a walk in the woods or see the latest design.
The world is shaking. What if we would see this as an invitation to dance together? What shakes us, moves us? There ́s music all around us – who is up for a dance? Let’s dance with others that who like the same groove!

Show up!  Inspire / Lead / Manifest
No matter what it is that moves, touches or concerns us. No matter what it is that we want, want to become or want to be. No matter what we believe is worth standing up for or what we want to manifest. We need to show up in life. We need to take responsibility. We need to lead our lives with the courage to be seen. WE NEED TO SHOW UP!
#notsorry for who I am. I will #ShowUp and co-create. #SwissKaos

We will hold the next KaosDay on Saturday, 17th of November, 2018 (9 am to 5 pm) in Bern. Follow us on Facebook to be up to date.