Do you want to be a KaosPilots for one day? The KaosDays are your chance to meet us, co-create with us and walk away with a new tool and new perspectives for your work and life. We have designed a series of three different KaosDays that we host every autumn/winter.

KAOSDAYS 2017/2018


We all get shaken sometimes. It can be the noise from the neighbor’s kids, a split up with our partner or a promotion that challenges us. And there is stuff going on around us: climate change, migration, wars, economies shattering, fake news. At the same time, there is beauty, stunning beauty when we look into the night-sky, take a walk in the woods or see the latest design.
The world is shaking. We all get shaken. What if we would see this as an invitation to dance together? What shakes us, moves us? There ́s music all around us – who is up for a dance? Let’s dance with others that who like the same groove!

KaosDay #1: Saturday, 18th of November, 2017
From a deeper understanding of ourselves we move differently in response to what we meet in life. Especially when it comes to our relationships with others. Many of us feel the need to cooperate and do things together – as a group, a team, a tribe, a community. And we seek new ways of doing so – by organizing ourselves, taking shared responsibility, co-creating. We not only want to work together, but we want to be together, relaxed, joyful and in the groove. We want to play, we want to dance.

KaosDay #2: Saturday, 3rd of February, 2017
Life is full of shakes. From the metaphor of a symphony, we all are musicians in a huge orchestra, the orchestra called life. What lines, what notes, what grooves do we add to this sound?
Isn’t it most exciting when we are all dancing, playing, singing together?
By following our own nature – our curiosity, our passion, our purpose – we break through to being who we really are. In the synphony and on the dancefloor, this is the groove of the sound. How can we feel the groove of life? How can we listen to what wants to emerge and yield to the flow of life?

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