Do you want to be a KaosPilots for one day? The KaosDays are your chance to meet us, co-create with us and walk away with a new tool and new perspectives for your work and life. We have designed a series of three different KaosDays that we host every autumn/winter.

The dates for the next KaosDays are:

Saturday, 28th of October, 2017
Saturday, 18th of November, 2017
Saturday, 3rd of February, 2017

The topics will be announced here soon.

Last year’s KaosDays were dedicated to the topic of CHANGE:

How do I want my future to look like? How can I unfold my dreams and talents to create change for myself, my community and the next generations? How to deepen your gift of listening and how you can use it to create change?

How can I use my vision, dreams and goals and bring them into reality? My big dreams for the world as well as the smaller ones I have for my organization and myself.

How can we create sustainable change that is healthy and strong? What is needed to ensure that my impact endures head wind and grows continuously?