The KaosPilots Switzerland history, brings together and is a co-creation of 4 dreams:

1. Danish Roots: This school is founded on 20 years of experience from the KaosPilots in Denmark. The KaosPilots in Denmark were founded in 1991 by Uffe Elbæk (in 2012 he was Minister for Culture in Denmark), after 10 years of working with young people and many cultural projects in the network of the Frontrunners in Aarhus.

The name originated from the dream to educate people who could navigate and fly projects through stormy fronts and land them safely. More than 650 KaosPilots have graduated since the start of the school at Mejlgade 35.

2. Swiss Coaching and Consulting Experience: One of the early and first Swiss KaosPilots is Matti Straub-Fischer. After one year at the KaosPilots in 1996, he started his own company, Langustrumpf Consulting. For his final exam project, he created cafe3 which was later renamed changels. Changels has turned into a small and lively coaching and consulting company in Bern with 8 people working in the core team and some 100 network partners. Matti’s dream was and continues to be: How can we help organizations and companies to become even more meaningful and inspiring?

Matti and his crew designed and ran leadership and project management trainings for companies and NGO’s in Switzerland and many other countries. One of these courses was a one-year training program for young leaders called “Intercultural Navigator”. During Matti’s 9 month sabbatical, a question arose: How to best continue this Leadership training?

In 2010 three people had the same idea at the same time; Tina Büchler during a study year in Arizona, Matti Straub and Ursula Maerz after a conversation in Bern: Why don’t we start the KaosPilots in Switzerland? Matti called Christer Lidszélius-Windeløv, the Headmaster of the KaosPilots in Denmark. “Yes, that is interesting!” said Christer and in the beginning of 2011, changels designed and launched the new KaosPilots in Switzerland, together with 30 members of their network partners and about 50 ambassadors from all sectors.

3. Ancient Knowledge from America: In search of the best possible training to foster self-responsible leadership, tribal decision making like a tribe and moving like a flock, Matti asked WhiteEagle, Keeper of the Delicate Lodge Teachings from New Mexico, whether she was willing to integrate her 2 year Council Guide training into the new curriculum of the KaosPilots in Switzerland. WhiteEagle immediately said yes, since she saw the opportunity that a group of people like the KaosPilots would be important in the world to support necessary change processes and set people free as guides and refreshing entrepreneurs.

4. Our students: We knew straight away that we were not just setting up a new school. We realized we write history right now. Our students have been dreaming about us. The responses we received from parents and interested participants of all ages, made it clear that this school hits a nerve in Switzerland and probably the world.

And we know that our students have already, are and will shape our school with their personalities, their passion, their different views and questions, their dreams and concrete project ideas.

As these four dreams have met and started to dance together, the dream of the KaosPilots in Bern has been constantly growing, bringing forward various new fruits and responsible leaders, businesses and projects. Do you want to be part of the kaospilots history?