Frequently Asked Questions

Is the education in English only?
Yes. We are an international school with students, staff and teachers from all over the world. We do not expect your English to be perfect, but you need to be able to express yourself when collaborating with others. In addition to good conversational skills, reading and report-writing are important, too. In small groups and with clients, the students are free to switch to another language when that is helpful.

Why does it take 3 years and a full-time education to become a KaosPilot?
If you want to change the world, you need to look at what you want to change in yourself. This takes time. You need time to try out new things, different roles, team constellations, to discover your own potential.

The 3 years at the KaosPilots are a “dojo” where you learn to jump and to fall, to make mistakes, to laugh about them yourself. When a Jazz-musician was asked how he made it to the world-famous Carnegie-Hall, he answered: Practice, practice, practice!

We want you to be good at improvisation. In order to do that, you need to do your homework and practice all those scales. Again and again in different contexts and projects. And you need to understand how you work yourself on the inside. If you can look after yourself well, you have a good change of looking after others well too.

What is the difference between the Danish KaosPilots school and the Swiss KaosPilots school?
We share the same curriculum, we have the same REAL WORLD connection with our practical projects and we have the same criteria for our exams.

What is different in Bern? We are still a school in the start-up phase, while our friends in Aarhus have a school that is based on more than 20 years of experience. This means that we are more flexible to play with new ideas. It also means that we have maybe less structure – and you as a student need to be ready for this kind of adventure.

Another speciality here in Bern is that we have integrated the Council Guide Training with WhiteEagle into our curriculum, where our students learn to make decisions like a tribe and other leadership methods and tools that are ancient knowledge and wisdom from Middle and Northern America’s traditions.

We believe that the personal flexibility and strengthening of our body is a vital key for all of us (students and staff) in order to master leadership challenges in any situation. Therefore physical training, meditation and what we call the inner pilot, has probably a higher priority in our program than in the way our Mothership in Aarhus runs its current program.

If you want to find out more, we suggest to talk to students of both schools to find out which school brings out the best in you.

What kind of jobs can I get when I have finished the KaosPilots?
Based on 22 years’ experience in Denmark, and with more than 650 KaosPilots graduates to date, about 40 percent of the students start their own company during or immediately after finishing the KaosPilots. From social entrepreneurship, to film-making, to become the Manager of the Tibetian National Football team, to leading the first Children’s University in Copenhagen or running a consultant company, there is no field in which KaosPilots are not engaged or active. More than half of the KaosPilots alumni today work as intrapreneurs in larger organizations and companies. There is a great need for change makers worldwide.

For inspiration, read these short portraits of 7 KaosPilot graduates in Switzerland and Scandinavia.

What diploma will I receive as a Swiss KaosPilot?
Graduating as a KaosPilot in Switzerland, you will receive the Diploma of the KaosPilots Switzerland and the KaosPilots in Aarhus, Denmark. In Denmark, the Danish government honours the KaosPilot study program as a bachelor degree.

In Switzerland we have chosen for the time being, not to focus our energy on an academic appreciation of our work. Indeed most professors have told us that if we can stay outside of the Bologna-system, they would suggest we enjoy the freedom as an more independent education. So, we appreciate Bologna as a nice town in Italy and invest our energy into making this education one of the most inspiring in the world. And since most of our students start their own companies anyway, the academic degree is not very meaningful.

The KaosPilots in Denmark have agreements with more than 20 Universities worldwide who are willing to accept KaosPilots to their Master programs. Since we have the same curriculum, program and final exams, our students will have a good chance of getting into one of these Masters programs, should they choose to.

What the KaosPilots alumni value much higher than an academic degree are: a large network of contacts to interesting people and entrepreneurs who can create jobs and tasks, a solid backpack of know how and wisdom to deal with chaotic and unclear situations and a healthy understanding of themselves.

And our Swiss KaosPilots will complete the Council Guide training after 2 1/4 years of their education, and if they choose so, can be licenced as Council Guides and can use these tools to work with groups and teams to make good decisions as a circle without one person dominating another.

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