Our curriculum consists of 4 competence fields:

Creative Leadership Design: How to be a leader
Creative Project Design: How to initiate and execute creative and sustainable projects
Creative Process Design: How to design and conduct change processes for different clients
Creative Business Design: How to build a viable business according to the visions and values of your clients

The programme is rooted in action, and reflects on it. It is not simply an academic exercise, but a training arena in which you can develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes you will need to thrive in a world of constant change. The programme is project driven, so all courses are set in practical experience. Most of them involve an external client with high expectations for what you and your peers will deliver.
Students take personal responsibility for their own learning and the success of their programme. They are taken from chaos, into order, and back again so as to increase their awareness of, and ability to manage complexity, change and possibilities. The students are followed and coached on both individual and group levels.

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The programme is divided into six semesters, where our four disciplines are combined and unfolded all though the programme.
Semester 1: Creative Leadership Design 1, Creative Project Design 1, Creative Project Design 2

Semester 2: Creative Leadership Design 2, Research & Theory of Science, Creative Business Design 1, Creative Business Design 2

Semester 3: Creative Process Design 1, Creative Process Design 2, Creative Process Design 3

Semester 4: Creative Project Design 3, Creative Business Design 3, Creative Process Design 4

Semester 5: Creative Project Design 4, Creative Leadership Design 3, Creative Leadership Design 4

Semester 6: Creative Business Design 4 Final Project

In addition, there are 3 special components in our curriculum supporting the above fields:

The Council Guide Training is an intensive training course consisting of nine, week long trainings to learn how to make decisions like a tribe. This course enhances personal leadership development, working together like a tribe, self-reflection and learning the ways of Wisdom and Decision Making Councils.

The Outpost in Cape Town is an adventure: In the 4th semester our students go together with the students of the Danish Kaospilot school to an external classroom somewhere in the world to get to know a very new landscape and to develop and implement business projects in an unknown territory. Since 2012, this outpost is in Cape Town, South Africa.
We are looking for projects in Cape Town for our students to work on. Find more information here.

The Physical training is a special part of our Inner Pilot curriculum to train our body minds. We start every morning with 30 minutes of “Morning Practice”, which means to wake up all of our senses and to connect to ourselves, becoming aware of our present condition and what is moving inside of us and forming a personal intention for the day. 2 x a week we practice Aikido and Yoga, added by days of juggling, theater improvisation, acrobatics, as well as learning about leadership and nutrition and Spiraldynamik on how to use our bodies in a smart way.