Council Guide Training

The Council Guide Training is an intensive training over 2 1/4 years consisting of 10 x 5 days, that take place every 3 months. In between the ceremonies the students focus on integrational personal work.

As a seeker on this program, you learn how to challenge your own believes, how to lead your self and how to make decisions like a tribe. These ancient tools and methods are powerful leadership tools to change yourself and to work and lead with others. It will allow you as a student to not only work with the visible side of life, but with everything that is not visible – like our dreams, our values, the mystery of life force and how it is unfolding in our lives, our communities, in our relationships and at work.

The Council Guide Training is an integral part of the Swiss KaosPilots curriculum . The students learn by being out in nature, to see the world with ancient eyes and to grow their talents.

The Council Guide Training is lead by WhiteEagle Woman, a Keeper of the Delicate Lodge Teachings from New Mexico/USA and supported by several international and national Council Guides.


Matti Straub-Fischer

Learn more about the Council Guide Training. Meet Matti Straub-Fischer, headmaster of the KaosPilots Switzerland, on Youtube.


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