The cost for this full-time education isĀ 16’000.- Swiss Francs per year; 48’000.- Swiss Francs in total for the 3 years. As a student you pay 5000.- up front as a downpayment. The rest is divided equally over the 34 months and payments are due every 3 months.

This covers approximately 50% of the study costs. The other half is funded through external partners and sponsors as well as income from project work (mainly in the first and second training year).

As a student you can have a job alongside the education (in most weeks, we have 2 afternoons free, and you will have more than 3 months of holidays/study free time).

As a private school, our students do not automatically get scholarships from the Swiss government. We therefore support our students in finding private foundations who want to sponsor their education with us.