We are currently in several working co-operations with our partners:

changels (Coaching & Consulting), Bern
Dancehammers (Council Guide Training), New Mexiko US
Innovationsdorf Bern (Innovation Village), Bern
lowereast (Communication & Website Design), Berlin and Copenhagen
University of Bern of Applied Sciences (BFH), Institute of Corporate and Business Development

and many collaboration friends:

ahja (Web-Hosting), Bern
Aikido Schule Bern (Aikido), Bern
DESIGNGUT (Swiss Designfair for Sustainable Products), Winterthur
fairness@work – prober job (Cleaning), Bern
Fastforward (Webprogramming), Bern
Globetrotter Business and Group Travels (Travel), Bern
Heiniger AG (Apple & digital Gadgets), Niederbipp
Neuland (Moderations- & Facilitationmaterial), Rotkreuz
Märitladen Wabern (Caterings), Wabern
theater anundpfirsich (theater & training), Zürich
Wartsaal – Kaffee Bar Bücher (Restaurant), Bern

More partnerships are in the making.