Kaospilots Outpost in Cape Town

It is going quite intense in the Kaospilots Outpost, that is how we call our 3 months overseas program during the 4th semester.
48 students coming two Kaospilots schools: one from Switzerland and one from Denmark; mentored by two team leaders. As a result, an organization started up in order to manage 12 projects with local partners in Cape Town plus its internal activities.
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Changemaker school – What Kaospilots really is?

Kaospilots Switzerland

A changemaker school – BusinessWeek has recognised Kaospilots as one of the best design schools in the world, and Fast Company has named it in its Startup Leagues Big 10, preparing you for the fast moving startup economy. Moreover, The Changer mentioned it as one of the best alternative schools for changemakers. What could explain such repercussions?

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Voices on the KaosDay 3

Written by Trix Angst

More than 50 people found their way to the KaosDay 3 on January 30th – they were keen to learn about Creative Business Design and share their experience and learnings. The KaosPilots Switzerland have almost redoubled the number of KaosDay participants from the first to the third edition – what a success story! We will certainly go on with that type of events in autumn 2016. Read what four participants have to say about the KaosDay.

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The Changer being the change

Being the change

The Changer is a social impact career platform launched in April 2014, Since launching they have become Germany’s leading online community for social impact professionals. The Changer features jobs, events for professional development, and information for social entrepreneurs, with the aim of helping any and everyone to realise their career with purpose. They also crowdsource community-based articles and interviews that inspire, educate and enable readers to develop their social impact career.

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