Alumni Gathering NEW BUSINESS

The Alumni Gathering NEW BUSINESS is a new offer of the KaosPilots and the NEW BUSINESS mastery training. The alumni of the KaosPilots, the entrepreneurs of the Innovationsdorf and friends and guests are welcome to this the Alumni Gathering NEW BUSINESS. The four gatherings are designed to grow and develop projects and business initiatives, get support and have fun together. We want to share where we are at and what we each need, to support each other and to develop and grow our businesses and get to know new people.

There will be a spring, a summer, a fall and a winter gathering. The summer gathering is integrated in the 2 day Summer Academy in the Innovationsdorf Bern. The main activities will be facilitated by graphic designer and chef Jørgen Smidstrup and the KaosPilots headmaster Matti Straub who are also offering coaching corners for your business ideas and projects. They will invite inspiring external speakers on the needs of the participants.

The costs
Alumni of KaosPilots and NEW BUSINESS, and inhabitants of the Innovationsdorf Bern can sign up for all 4 gatherings for an early bird booking price of CHF 480. This includes the meals (dinner and lunch, plus beverages during the day). This also includes the participation in the 2 day Summer Academy in Bern as a bonus.
This offer is valid until Friday, April 28th, 2017.

If you want to sign up for a single event as an alumni of KaosPilots and NEW BUSINESS or as an inhabitant of the Innovationsdorf Bern, you pay CHF 148 per event. The 2 day Summer Academy program will cost you an additional CHF 280.

External participants and guests will pay CHF 170 (students CHF 120) per workshop of 1,5 days and CHF 350 for the 2 days Summer-Academy (students CHF 180). If you want to book all 4 workshops at once, you can do so by paying CHF 750 instead of the full price of CHF 860.

Please sign up asap or latest a week in advance, so we can book the meals and beverages for you.

The dates
New Business Spring-Gathering, Thursdayevening and Friday, 11th/12th of May 2017, at Innovationsdorf Bern

Summer-Academy, Friday and Saturday, August 25th/26th, 2017, at the Innovationsdorf Bern,

New Business Fall-Gathering, Thursday evening and Friday, 9th/10th of November, 2017, at the Innovationsdorf Bern

New Business Winter-Gathering, Thursday evening and Friday, 15th/16th of March, 2018, at the Innovationsdorf Bern,