The alternative business school

Looking for an alternative business school?
Tired of the old paradigm of organizations and leadership?
About to set off for a personal adventure and transformation?

Then the KaosPilots Switzerland are your place to be! We offer a 3-year-education that enables you to design the next generation of businesses or organizations in a sustainable and impactful way as well as to design your own life and life your dreams.


  • We believe that the change you want to see in the world starts within you
  • We believe in personal development as the pillar to leadership
  • Therefore, the Council Guide Training is part of the education: we learn to lead ourselves by challenging our beliefs and how to make decisions like a tribe without a hierarchy


  • Develop your competences in leadership, project management, process and business design
  • Learn to approach questions and problems in a playful and creative way
  • Work with real life cases throughout the education
  • Apply your skills and tools in an external class room in Cape Town, South Africa for a semester


  • Team SUI 7 will start their education in September 2018 in Bern
  • Use the red button to get to your application form
  • Use the form below to drop us a note and we will come back to you
  • Once we have your application, you will get an invitation to our assessment workshop in April 2018

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