A Day at the Kaospilots

At the KaosPilots school no day looks like another. This education is an adventure. And you need to be ready for this.

At the KaosPilots in Bern, our students start every morning at 8:45 with 30 minutes of “morning practice”, which is physical exercises to wake up the entire body and to be fully present. We start almost every morning with a “check-in”, where we set our intention for the day. What do I want to accomplish today? What do I want to focus on?

Depending on the learning objectives of the semester and quarter, we have teamleaders (similar to class teachers), teachers and trainers, guest-speakers and project partners who support us in our learning – or we go to see them.

The teaching can take place in various forms: From physical training (using our bodies) to lectures about a concrete topic and then practical application for the learning transfer as an individual and in groups.

There is a lunch break at 12:00 to 13:00. Then we continue with our teaching or project work. We usually work until 16:00. And often longer when a project has caught our interest or a presentation and important workshop needs extra preparation.

The official school hours from 8:45 to 16:00 can be seen as input-time and integration-time. However, the personal integration and digestion and especially the working on your own dream projects often needs more reflection and attention. Also, doing personal research for a project or reading a book every 2-4 weeks may be part of your weekly routine as a KaosPilot.

On Wednesdays and Fridays, we usually finish our training at 12:00, then have the afternoon off. In the intensive weeks like the introduction team building week or the Council Guide Training ceremony weeks where we are up in the Bernese Alps, or during the Outpost adventure abroad, the schedule looks different and involves evening programs.

Once in a while, we have evening events at the KaosPilots school, where we invite guest-speakers, partners, friends and family.

And there are approximately 12-13 weeks of holidays every year, of which 2,5 months are in summer (mid-July to the end of September). This time is free of school work.