Cape Town: Navigate Today With Confidence

KAOSPILOTS IN CAPETOWN. As Team SUI 6 establishes ourselves in Cape Town, South Africa, where we are based for our semester-long Outpost, a constant phrase lingers in our minds and conversations: Navigate today with confidence.

The Outpost semester at the Kaospilots Switzerland is designed to place the students outside of their comfort zone, in a foreign and fast-paced context, where we are challenged to put our tools and teachings into practice through real-world experiences with clients and projects. 

Confidence is defined as the quality of being certain of your abilities or having trust in people, plans, and the future. With this, we began to wonder (and still do), how can we inspire this quality of being in ourselves and in our collaborations? What key factors contribute to us feeling and moving with confidence? How are we doing this already? And where do we see room for growth?

While the road ahead may be long and winding, our intention is to weave a sense of confidence and connectedness into our team, projects, and exchanges here in Cape Town. So here’s what we learning so far: 

1.    Do not underestimate the importance of a home-base.(A home-base simply put is a Kaospilot friendly workspace.) The peace of mind that comes from having four walls to call “your own” is powerful and can greatly impact what is accomplished.  

2.   Shift-ability is key to the growth and progress of any group or team. Strive to develop a mindset of openness and adaptability for yourself, and encourage this in others. 

3.    Rise to the challenges that life has to offer.Beyond the comfort zone is where we truly learn and grow. Have the courage to try new things, make mistakes, fail, and do it all over again.

4.   Allow yourself to become comfortable with your discomfort. Confront the reality of what makes you uncomfortable and why; then dig below the surface and try to understand it.

5.   Be humble, stay curious, and never stop asking questions.Knowledge is a highway and gold is found in the exchange of knowledge between diverse groups of people.  

We are honing our ability to navigate each and every day with confidence using these five key learnings, and everything that is emerging for us during our Outpost experience. 

Learn more and follow along with Team SUI 6 on our journey in Cape Town!