KaosDays 1 & 2 – Join us now!

Collaborating with the KaosPilots Switzerland:
How can you transform yourself and your team?

Maybe you feel a bit stuck in your life and wonder how to use your talents best.
Maybe you are not really satisfied with how things evolve in your business and work place.
Maybe you are sometimes close to give up your positive attitude and hope for a healthy and balanced life on our Planet Earth. 
We know those emotions, too.
Every now and then, we get hit by a wave of doubt and fear that things will not grow the way we want them to.

And yet, we have learnt that doubt and fear are simply emotions that show up in our lives and that if we let them stay, they will simply produce more doubts and fears. So, in our working on our Inner Pilot, we practice to be mindful about these emotions popping up, and being ready when they do, so we can learn from them and overcome them – as individuals and together in teams.

We do this with tools and methods from the Delicate Lodge Teachings, an ancient Earth Wisdom tradition that emerged in the Northern Americas and that offers us a mindfulness training with the Council Guide Training for our students and staff members and other interested people from our community like you.

With this training, we learn how to deal with limiting beliefs and emotions that may try to hold us down. We learn how to be and work together as a tribe, where every voice matters. We learn how we can move from pyramids to circles where we make decisions that everyone in our tribe can stand behind – yet allowing and insisting on diversity and individuality, so that we all can shine our light and bring in our talents. And we practice to cultivate the courage to transform our inner and outer worlds. How cool is that?

On our upcoming KaosDay #1 on November 17th we invite you for an experience and exploration of what this new paradigm can be all about.

  • Are you curious to learn what we mean by regenerative change and how we can imagine to create business structures that are beyond sustainable?
  • Do you want to connect with inspiring people?
  • Are you hungry to explore how it may feel like when you work in a business tribe where every voice matters?
  • Would you like to hear how our new curriculum will look like for our new training program and how you might want to collaborate with us?
If your answer is yes to one of these questions, then sign up for our next KaosDay #1 taking place on this coming Saturday, November 17th, 2018 here in Bern. 

Can you join us? Can you bring a friend? Because it is much more fun together with others.

Sign up now: https://www.eventbrite.de/e/kaosday-1-experience-the-kaospilots-and-regenerative-change-tickets-50726700928

PS: KaosDay #2 will take place on February 2, 2019. Mark your calendars!