Become a KaosPilot – why does it take three years to really make a change?

Are you part of the many people these days who want to make immediate changes in your lives, in your team and your organization? What are you experiencing on this journey? What does it take to create sustainable new structures in your life and your work? The KaosPilots study program of enterprising leadership is offered in Aarhus, Denmark and Bern, Switzerland as a 3 year full-time training program. We often get the question: why does it take 3 years to create and live into the changes we want to be?

by Matthias (Matti) Straub-Fischer, Headmaster of the KaosPilots Switzerland and a KaosPilot alumni from team 3 in Denmark

What is needed to grow ourselves and create the transformation and changes we want to see in this world? For sure it takes a hunger to grow, a yearning to change and bring ourselves to a next level in our awareness and consciousness to approach things differently. That is why we want to see this hunger to learn and the courage to step out of our known comfort zones in our KaosPilot applicants.

Do you have the hunger to grow and change yourself?

Great, that is a powerful foundation to getting to know and explore your talents, gifts and strengths, so you unfold who you truly are and what dreams you want to live into.

Once we know what our dreams are and what our purpose is in this life time, we can start moving towards this goal. And while we have learnt in project management to move as directly as possible towards the goal, we will often experience set backs and frustration. Why is that?

While in our brains we usually think that we have “gotten” and understood clearly what needs to happen very quickly, we experience that changes are not something that is happening fast enough. We fall back into the long trained older routines and patterns, and it takes consistent self-discipline, connecting to our enthusiasm and desire, trust, support and challenge to really live into the new paradigm with attitudes, beliefs and values. These inner transformation is a process that takes time. As we need to look into and learn to distinguish whether the things we believe in are still life-growing and allowing for new ideas to be born today – or whether we are hanging onto older beliefs that are maybe not ours, images, attitudes, opinions or beliefs that we have picked up from our family upbringing, our peers, our schools or organizations we have been active in and the media.

Does a belief still serve me? Each of us needs to do this inner work on his or her own, we can not do this examination and discerning for others.

As part of our training program of the Inner Pilot – the personal leadership and transformational work we are doing with the ancient wisdom of the Delicate Lodge Teachings from the Northern Americas, we have learnt that we first need to build our strengths and talents, to create a strong plattform for ourselves. And then it is crucial to look into our patterns and weaknesses, as they will again and again get us out of balance from our desired paths towards our goals. Creating the change inside of us, takes daily practice and effort. And while it may not look like spectacular work from the outside, it will suddenly show very inspiring results and changes.

This inner work usually takes about 2-3 years of daily practice, both as an individual and as a group and team to get mirrors from each other on the impact we are having and where we may still need to practice more to get to the desired outcomes. We need other human beings in this work, as individually we will not be able to tackle our blind spots. That is why our KaosPilot training and the Council Guide Training that we have integrated into our Inner Pilot curriculum is a team education. We need different mirrors from each other. And it is often from people that we like the least that we can learn the most.

While personal development in the first year is a stretch, and while in the 2nd year it is often a turbulent up and down, being in our center and then again falling out of it, climbing back up until the next wave hits us. It is here where some of our students give up despite the extensive support we offer them – either because they believe they “have” to do this work for us or for somebody else or because they are not using their tools. The ones who pull thru, will experience break thru’s on many levels of their lives – be that improved private relationships among family and friends, or changed relationships in our working world. These shifts and changes show powerfully in their final exam projects, transforming their initiatives and life-designs onto next levels. And they know that when life will bring a next (sometimes unexpected) wave, they will either know how to surf it, or to take it as a learning, exploring how they had co-created the situation, and to move on with a smile.

Things take the time they take. WhiteEagle Woman, Teacher of the Delicate Lodge Teachings

Personally, 20 years after I completed my KaosPilot training in Denmark, I feel like a true KaosPilot. And while I felt well prepared for the coming projects when I graduated, it took me the last 2 decades to strengthen myself, my inner ground to stay in my center and to learn how I am part of this amazing Universe. Today, when something unexpected happens, I can move very differently with it. And when I see our graduate students here receiving their diplomas as KaosPilots every year, I know that another group of inspiring people has built this inner ground. They have done the needed healing work in our relationships to move freely towards our dreams. And I can see in their eyes that a 3 year training journey of transformational growth is a gift to one self with no short cuts, but rich curves and small roads less travelled by. And that is an amazing thing to experience as a Guide, Mentor and as a Headmaster of a school.

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The Council Guide Training (CGT) is consisting of 10 x 5 days training over almost 3 years. The training is open for KaosPilots and participants from outside the school. More information on the CGT:

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