The Global Change Leaders Summit

In the beginning of February I had the pleasure to travel to beautiful Lyon in France to attend the Global Change Leaders (GCL) gathering. A get together, organized by Ashoka, of people who are at the forefront of transforming education systems and, specifically, building learning ecosystems that empower young people to live for the greater good.

By Jonas Beer

The GCL community is describing themselves as following:

To create empowering learning ecosystems, everyone must play their part, but a few people will always lead the way: Change Leaders are those who pioneer systemic innovations and transformations and who establish new norms. Change Leaders around the world are now organizing themselves into vibrant communities, and collaborating in teams to bring about empowering learning ecosystems everywhere.

Some Change Leaders specialize as Weavers, helping other Change Leaders align, collaborate and increase their systemic impact. Weaving is a complex role that involves nurturing communities and organizing teams; building capacity and curating knowledge; catalyzing conversations and growing demand. Weavers and weaving are essential to creating learning ecosystems.

The GCL is committed to helping Weavers and Change Leaders become more aligned, collaborative and systemic. We do this by:

1. Building communities and teams of Weavers and Change Leaders.

2. Building capacity for effecting ecosystemic change through learning journeys, exchanges, and knowledge co-curation.

3. Building conversations and demand for ecosystemic change.

By helping each other in these ways, the GCL aims to foster the worldwide emergence of learning ecosystems that empower everyone to live for the greater good.

Ross Hall – Director of Ashoka’s education strategy

In Lyon we started with a 2-day Weaver Workshop to discuss the importance of collaboration and how we can become more aligned and systemic. The 50 participants from all around the world had the chance to get to know each other on a deep level and to receive inputs around collaboration and our inner wellbeing.

Richard Watkins shared his very useful Let’s Go Model –

Renske van Grinsven and Walter Link talked about inner wellbeing and the 8 dimensions that impact our well-being –

The main part of the workshop was dedicated to create an understanding about what weaving is. In short a weaver can be described as somebody who is creating sustainable structures for teams, building communities, curate capacity and knowledge, starting conversations, strengthens partnerships and keeps projects flowing. I strongly believe that the world needs Weavers who are bringing people together to work on solutions for the greater good. Strengthening the understanding of this role had a great impact on me and sharing experiences as well as best practices helped to identify the success factors of Weaving.

After those 2 days of learning about Weaving the actual Change Leaders Gathering with around 250 participants from all over the world started. I was impressed about the inspiring people who gathered in Lyon and the wisdom and expertise that was present.

During the gathering in Lyon we started to collaborate with other participants to work on creating those valuable ecosystems.

I learned so much during this time. For example how beneficial it is to focus on your inner balance and well-being and also how important it is to reflect and be conscious about your role in a team and how those roles impact the flow of working together. I am looking forward to the next gatherings in the Netherlands, Russia and in Switzerland.

Are you also a Weaver?

Or how could you integrate more weaving into your work and daily life?


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