The Kaospilots Celebrate 5 Years!

Did you know that 90% of new businesses fail within the first 5 years and only 10% of those make it to 10 years? So needless to say, odds are against businesses surviving!

Celebrate 5 years

Against those odds, the Kaospilots in Switzerland turned 5 years old this weekend! When the school began though, four other Kaospilot schools had just closed down in four other cities in Europe. Those schools were located in Malmö, Stockholm, Oslo and Rotterdam. Today we are the only KaosPilot school in the world, other than “the mother school” in Århus, Denmark.

Matti Straub our schools founder and a veteran KaosPilot from Team 3 in Århus, used his reputation in Denmark and determination help our school start and the rest is history. There are now over thirty graduated KaosPilots, an established relationship with projects in Cape Town and many other places in the world. And our 6th team, SUI 6, started this September.

The school, so far, is over the top and established enough to keep going!

Matti Straub, Headmaster with third year studen Maja from Team SUI 4

These were proud words spoken by Mr. Straub at the 5-year anniversary on Saturday October 28 2017 during the evening celebration at the KP-headquarters as he went through a slideshow of pictures and memories from the past 5 years.

Former, current and possible future students were all in attendance to cheer on the school´s accomplishments and the entire third floor of the old industry building on Wyleringsstrasse 30, was filled with images, memories, delicious snacks, drinks and great people!

As KaosPilots, we ask ourselves often (personally and when working with business projects) – What is needed?

So I find myself asking: What is needed for the future of the KaosPilots in Bern, Switzerland?

The short answer is: More students. While we continue to celebrate the three teams that have graduated from KaosPilots Switzerland, and we celebrate the three teams that are on the way, more students and larger teams are an important ingredient to establish the school over the next 5 years.

We want to keep rising. We want to establish ourselves as one of the best schools in the world in what we do, which is to train a large number of future social entrepreneurs that make a living doing what they love while making a healthy and sustainable difference in the world.

If you want to join us in moving towards our next 5 years, do one or all of the things below:

  • Participate in our KaosDay on November 18th 2017 to be a KaosPilot for a day – Sign up Here!
  • Help us find our team SUI 7, which will start their KaosPilot journey in September 18.
    Sign up Here
  • Become a KaosPilot Ambassador! We connect with you a few times a year and send you information about how you can help us spread the word – Email us at:

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