Recap of KaosDay #1 2017: Unify Your Tribe, #NotSorry

By: Natalie MJ Orozco, Mona Dawood, and Ronja Ljunghager

This past Saturday, November 18th, KaosPilots hosted their first KaosDay of the school year. The theme was — Unify Your Tribe, #NotSorry.

The provocative theme attracted 44 people to the event: 26 community members,13 Kaospilots and 5 school staff members. Admission tickets were donation based (50-100 CHF) and the school made over 1000 CHF from the event.

Sam Nüesch, a team leader at the school, presented the theme during the morning gathering, saying it was meant to be an exploration by all attendees to discover for themselves the meaning of a tribe and what unity feels like when people gather for a similar cause, but it would entail finding out who you are first and what you bring to a gathering of people.

Weeks prior, KaosPilots social media channels flooded with ads asking questions like: What unites a tribe? Where does a tribe meet? What rituals do tribes have? Such as the image below:

What unites a tribe? Where does a tribe meet? What rituals do tribes have?

“When people ask me what I do and I tell them that I study at the KaosPilots, they ask me what is KaosPilots? And after I explain, they still don`t get it. Neither did I until I started the school,” first year student, Mona Dawood (Team 6) said.

For this very reason, KaosDays was born. It’s a full day designed by KaosPilots themselves to guide people in the community to experience being a KaosPilot from morning to evening, but also to be fed in heart, mind, body, and spirit, a pillar of the curriculum of the Swiss KaosPilots school and one the distinguishes it from the flagship school in Arahus, Denmark.

In addition, the school’s spiritual approach to gathering people to inspire them to make sustainable and heart-led change also bled into this weekend’s KaosDay theme.

“We are aware that a KaosPilot alone won`t develop sustainable change and that`s why we rely on each other. Many KaosPilots, many hackers, dancers, musicians, artists, activists, teachers etc., are needed to unite forces and create a synergy. The power of the collective is immense and we can access it and have much more impact in whatever we are doing to create the world we want to live in together, ” Mona said.

David Egli, who won a free ticket to the event through the social media campaign said, “The day was very inspiring. Every time I come to the KaosPilots I am overwhelmed by the beautiful energy and the feeling of connecting with new people. Sharing knowledge is great! I feel like I am in a bubble when I am here. The day has ended and I feel great and exhausted. Much respect to the KaosPilots.”

The day consisted of :

  • A Morning Practice. Attendees gathered in a large circle after having breakfast. They passed around a talking piece, a symbolic and decorated stick, and when it passed into an attendees hand, they would speak their name, how they felt in that present moment and reasons why they chose to attend. Many people from the community said they came out of curiosity or because of the provocative theme. In addition, an energizer or group game followed, where attendees moved their bodies and watched as an imaginary ball of energy was passed around the circle in a fun way.
  • Storytelling and Art. Attendees were guided through different experiences throughout the day. First, they shared their life stories in small groups, then they worked with various art mediums to create images of the dream of the rest of their life. Whole group and small group discussions continued throughout the day for people to connect and share more about themselves.
  • Meditation, Networking, and Dancing. After lunch, the attendees participated in a guided meditation, in a candle lit room with spaced out yoga mats and cushions. The day ended with networking in small groups around topics of interest, attendees writing out their services or needs in an activity known as the tribe’s marketplace and dancing to music.
This was the “Island Flow” of the day.

Students and staff at Kaospilots said this year’s KaosDay was different from years past.

“This year’s [KaosDay] was more of a process and experience rather than a teaching workshop. It was different because the interaction was based on sharing and giving from our own hearts as a foundation and didn’t come from teaching tools and models. It was a little journey from start to finish in experiencing something new and unknown,” Gideon Nielsen, a current KP SUI student from Team 5 said.

Ulrick Ploug Lorentzen, one the of the day’s host’s and another current KP SUI student from Team 5 said planning this KaosDay was difficult but worth it, “It was a challenge that bore a lot of fruit in the end. I hope people walked away with clarity, inspiration and a brand new mindset.”

Suzanne, an attendee who was particularly moved by the day’s event shared: “I just feel so much appreciation, goodwill, maybe even love, that I got from 30 people I didn’t know before.”

We send a BIG thank you to all that came out to support our first KaosDay of the school year and hope you will join us for our next one!

What you can do now:

  • Enjoy our short slide show below. Photos taken are courtesy of Claudia Rauber, KaosPilot SUI Alumnus from Team 1
  • Register for KaosDays #2, SHOW UP- #NotSorry happening on February, 3, 2018, here:
  • Follow us on Instagram and Facebook. We plan to have a SnapChat channel starting in January so keep an eye out!

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