Display now: a showcase of third year research projects

Ever wonder what third year students at KaosPilots work on? For their final year, the students at KaosPilots Switzerland (KP SUI) create their life design. This means they design the project of their dreams.

Currently, the third year students at are showcasing their research projects at a mini museum-like space at the school, called “Display of Now”. By showcasing their work, in physical form at the school and through this blog post, the third year students intend to communicate what they have explored so far and offer insights into what fields they will be exploring next. The insights & research they gather in these next few months will be used to create prototypes of their final projects. In addition, by displaying what they have come up with as of now, leaves space for important partners or stakeholders to step forward and offer ideas, inputs, or advice.

KP SUI student projects are displayed below in the following infographics. If you have a resource, interest, or contact, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the third year student listed below the infographic to connect. They’d love to hear from you!

Kaospilot projects

Maja Boesen Madsen

Maja is as Danish as can be, born and raised. She has a degree in Social Education and has been working with everything from homeless people, young people to people with disabilities, in Denmark as well as in Africa. Besides working, traveling has been an important part of her life. Maja has an urge to learn, create and be inspired. Maja is really motivated by the KaosPilots and this space where you combine creativity with learning and questioning. A place to challenge what we do – here, in society, in the world – and why and how we do it? Maja dreams to inspire and create more awareness of how we live together in a society.

Kaospilot projects

Melilizwe Gqobo

Meli was born in Orlando East Soweto, South Africa but spent most of his life in Cape Town. He is passionate about fusing business mechanisms to address social issues in limited resourced communities. Meli sees his playground as the “base of the pyramid”. He hopes this will allow him to have the necessary skills and tools to even out the playground of access to basic sustainable resources. Meli’s academic background is in marketing, business management and social entrepreneurship. He has been involved in a number of NGO and local start-up ventures that has develop him into the holistic social entrepreneur he is today.

Kaospilot projects

Shiori Morita

Shiori comes from Japan, loves marshmallows, white chocolate and visiting cafes. She is currently exploring ‘Ikigai’ which can be loosely translated as ‘a reason for living.’ Shiori sees many similarities between Switzerland and Japan. She hopes to find a way to strengthen these relations through process consulting and building bridges between Japanese and Swiss markets.

Kaospilot projects

Kawira Nyaga

Kawira comes from Nairobi, Kenya. Before KaosPilots she worked as a brand strategist and participated in a few social/economic transformation programs. Due to a change of heart, curiosity and interest in a different path, she then become a yoga instructor and is currently exploring how yoga communities can integrate activism into their practices.
Kaospilot projects

David Plenderleith

David is on a journey of discovery. A cycle of exploration, testing ideas and knowing himself through direct experience. His vision is to transform and uplift environments through art and creativity.

Kaospilot projects

Sverre Gravdahl Gran

Sverre comes from Oslo, Norway and has studied different subjects at Universities in Trondheim for the last four years. His dream is to live a life in peace with nature and a create a loving community. He longs to prepare his own food and be free of the factory farms. Sverre also and wants to be the best version of himself and help others to do the same. He is exploring the power of storytelling and the potential of street food markets.

Kaospilot projects

Andreas Simon Bangerter

Andreas comes from Bern and he want to use his talents to positively change something. His dream is for every school to become an oasis of creativity, exchange of knowledge, curiosity, respect, acceptance, trust and the desire to learn. Andreas is exploring product development and wants to create something with an artist spirit.

Kaospilot projects


If you have a resource, interest, or contact, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the third year student listed below the infographic to connect. They’d love to hear from you!

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