Insights Returns For 2017-18!

What to expect from KaosPilots Switzerland in this new school year.

By: Natalie MoonJaguar Orozco

Hello World!
We had a fantastic summer break and created a new social media club this semester. This year we intend to show you more about what it’s like to be a student at one of the most progressive and innovative schools in the world! Read on to see what we have planned to share with you for the year.

Students voices will now be elevated on everyone of our social media channels: FB, Instagram, and this blog! So follow us on Instagram and Facebook if you aren’t already doing that. We commit to being more active this semester on those channels.

Our social media team consists of a team leader (our term for an educator) and a representative from the first year, the second year, and the third year teams. New blog posts will be published Wednesdays at noon. The four of us will be taking you on a journey to explore topics like:

  • Sustainability
  • Innovation
  • Social entrepeneurship
  • Personal development
  • Business and project development
  • Female leadership
  • Our school’s culture and lingo (have you ever heard of “tribal mind”? That’s how we try to exist here)
  • What we want organizations to know
  • What our students, alumni, staff work on
  • What our lecturers and expert speakers teach us
  • What our collaborations with businesses and organizations look like


Another feature to watch for is our #KP FLASHBACKS Campaign. Every Sunday we will be featuring articles from our school’s biannual printed newsletter. So make time on your Sunday mornings to reminisce with us as we bring back old stories from our archives into this space.

Finally, we want you to engage with us! If you are curious about who we are, what we do, what its like inside this crazy house of international change-makers in the making, comment in the space below and we’ll respond!

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