Team SUI 4 preparing for Cape Town

Our students of Team SUI 4 who are currently in their second year at the KaosPilots are preparing for their Outpost in South Africa. They will spend the time from February to May in Cape Town, together with 38 students of the Danish KaosPilots who are in their second year, too.

cape-town-outpost-ana Team SUI 4

What is the Outpost?

During the fourth semester – out of 6 semesters during KaosPilots – the students are moved somewhere else in the world for 3 months to apply their acquired skills on project and process design in an unfamiliar cultural and social environment.

Working with real clients and projects, they (from Danish and Swiss schools) will create an organization that helps them serve their clients’ needs. Each Oupost is unique, emerging along its own path.

Through a diversity of contents, the projects aim to create value and impact upon collaborations: amongst students in project groups, with project partners and local communities in Cape Town.

The intentions of the Outpost can be summarized in 3 purposes:

  • Cultivate your craft: cultivating enterprise leadership combining the competences related to subject, action, relationship and change. And creating value in the context of a specific situation;
  • Collaborate & co-create value: create value with and for other people;
  • Navigate complexity & ambiguity: cultivate essential leadership competence of sensemaking and essential virtues such as lightness, openness, courage and patience.
outpost-intention-Team SUI 4
The 3 purposes of the Outpost

Why Cape Town?

Cape Town has been the base for the Outpost in the last 5 years due to its diversity, energy, culture and potential to create meaningful collaborations with local organizations and interesting people in the city.

These years simply convinced us there is much to learn from the initiatives and people of Cape Town who have been creating a new reality for the city.

cape-town-outpost-Team SUI 4
The farewell party of a previous Outpost in Cape Town, South Africa

From fibre to fabric

The Outpost 2017 is themed “From fibre to fabric“, as analogy to celebrate the cultural diversity in Cape Town, whose social fabric is made of many diverse fibres that bring a new set of unique traits if woven together.

We will surely keep you updated of what we do during the Outpost! See you in Cape Town!

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