Meet the Ninevites

Ninevites – Nonkuleko Mlangeni is one of the graduate from Team 2 at KaosPilots Switzerland. Moved by her passion for supporting and empowering young artists in South Africa, she’s been active with her textiles creations and willing to grow as a community builder and entrepreneur.

One of the creations designed by Nonkuleko. Picture taken from

Through the questions below, Nonkuleko describes about her projects Ninevites and how the Kaospilots contributed for make it happen. The Ninevites is a collaborative project and platform to explore under-told narratives of life from South Africa using textiles, images and design.

What is your project? And what is its purpose?

Nonkuleko: It is called Ninevites. We design textiles, curate events and it is inspired by black aesthetics. I work with weavers from South America and Africa currently making handmade rugs. The idea is to preserve the culture of weaving and also create work for them because textile making is a dying craft.

How Kaospilots was important to develop your project?

Nonkuleko: It gave me confidence to be able to communicate my ideas, to implement them and to actually not be afraid to try things out. Prototype and test it out. And as a creative I got to learn about business which came in handy.

What were the steps of your project until now? Milestones? Golden nuggets?

Nonkuleko: I’ve mainly been travelling around the SADC (Southern African Development Community) region trying to find weavers, learning about the process of using good materials to make the weaving, working with the right people and improving the brand. Golden nuggets, it is the importance of prototyping and testing.

Working with weavers during trip in South America. Picture taken from

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