Dream Lab: a journey into the social reality of dreams

Dream Lab – Are you interested in a new take on approaching your dreams? Beyond psychological analysis or prefabricated symbols?

Dream Lab

Dream Lab is a workshop introducing you to the tool of „Social Dreaming“ by Gordon Lawrence and some information from the latest dream research. We will be talking, reflecting and exploring the imaginary realms of dreams. Eyes open and senses wide awake, practicing this exciting new tool, a fun and associative way of dream telling, we will shift into a sober and at the same time poetic approach to our dream materials.

You will then see two bodies physicalizing “dream memories”. The nonverbal commentary.

To bring along: Please write down and bring along some of your dreams that you would like to share. The language of the Dream Lab workshop will be English.

Date: Wednesday, June 22, 2016
Time: 6 – 9PM
Facilitators and performers: Sunita Asnani & Chris Lechner
register at: bodyjourneyz@gmail.com
place: Wylerringstrasse 36, 3014 Bern
costs: 20 – 60 CHF, at your discretion
Everyone is welcome!

Dream Lab

Sunita Asnani is a movement artist and a specialist in adult education. She did her Master’s thesis in Science of Religion and Sociology in the University of Zürich. She currently works part time in the project development of an NGO in Bern and as a freelance dancer. A year ago she was program manager in the same NGO, where she was responsible for three programs in the field of migration and a team of more than 65 people. She recently decided to give up her leading position to engage more into her artistic activities. She started ballet classes at the age of five and received classical Indian dance training at the age of twenty. Since 2004 she has been learning contemporary dance and improvisation all over the world. She has given dance workshops and performances in different places in Switzerland, India and Thailand since 2010. She lives in Switzerland, where she was born 1979 and brought up in an Indian family.

Chris Lechner is a movement artist in the field of contemporary art, based in Bern, Switzerland. He discovered dance at the age of fourteen. After a carrier as a leading dancer with the renowned ballet companies of Hamburg, Zurich and Stuttgart, he went on as an independent artist in contemporary dance. He draws upon various sources in his movement work, such as fascial bodywork, Chi practices, Water dance, gravity based motion, partner work, experiential anatomy and Yoga. He is currently researching and performing dream work through somatic means, and investigating improvisation as a learning ground for composition and decision making. He has lived and worked in the UK, Switzerland, Germany and India, where besides his creative research, he has taught, mentored work in various contexts and collaborated with local artists. Since 20 years he has worked with groups evolving his work towards a wider application, bringing art’s body back to everybody. He was born in Rangoon in 1963 and brought up in India.

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