How improvisation techniques can help on teamwork?

Life flows without any script and in our daily lives we face challenges out of our control. Improvisation techniques are quite often used outside the artistic contexts in order to help on solve problems creatively, develop communication skills and boost team-building, as they reveal insights on team members’ thoughts, feelings, relationships and behavior.

A team can work and succeed in many different ways. The same principles apply for how to work with impro techniques, there are lots of options and it’s necessary to pay attention to which ones fit best to a team context. It’s not about a one-solution-fits-all, it’s about training to face challenges going with the flow.

Improvisation techniques
Frank Renold in one of his works at Kaospilots Switzerland

We at Kaospilots Switzerland, for example, have worked with the actor Frank Renold using several impro theater techniques. Below, we share a video working with the “Ball-Game” (unfortunately, we didn’t record our Ball-Game while enjoying it), just an example of a tool to exercise our attention, our presence as individuals and as a team while playing memorizing 2, 3, 4 or more keywords when throwing the balls with the team members.

Curiously, Barcelona Football Club’s teamwork remembers the same principles with the so called tiki-taka, where most of all the performings happen just at the moment. It looks quite simple watching the players passing the ball from one to another, however, it requires a high degree of teamwork and synchronicity. That’s the same for impro techniques.

Do you have an experience with improvisation techniques? Feel free to share with us!

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