What is money? A tool for consciousness?

What is money really? What’s the real weight of money for our business, ideas and dreams?

We use money to pay bills, groceries, meet our daily needs, etc. But what is our relationship with money really? When have you last observed your relationship with cash? How to include money to help in our growth? How can money help us become more conscious? How can we use money as a tool for growing consciousness?

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What is money in your definition? Is it a form of exchange or a necessary evil? What do you believe it is?

Interestingly, many of us have been brought up to ideas about money that don’t fit our goals, dreams and ambitions well; it’s a big challenge to bring the relationship with money into awareness, to notice where we react, what we have to claim and embody a new understanding in order to meet our needs according to circumstances we face.

Good questions to surface our beliefs can be:

Are you having fun with money? How responsible are you with money?

What about the people around you?

How do they react when finances don’t go well?

Do they panic?

Do they enjoy it?

Do we need to be serious with money?

Have you ever imagined about expanding your capabilities with and without money?

If you associate a positive quality to money, probably you associate your feeling of being enough/complete/secure/whatever you feel…to the fact of having money. What’s your feeling behind money?

How do you neutralize the feeling(s) you have towards money?

And what about if you associate money with negativities?

How can you feel good having this negative feeling(s) associated to money?


Or look at the beliefs you are discovering about cash and finances. For example you may hold a belief:

To get what you want, you need money.

To earn money, you need to work hard.”

And maybe you will find under this logic, that money is a compensation for a sacrifice, for a work you don’t love to do.

But…did you really do what you want to do after you have made a specific amount of money? Do you feel you are having enough (money)?

What we are learning and practicing at the KaosPilots – this week with a teaching from Peter Koenig, money researcher from Zürich, is that what we really want is to live our lives and do the things we love with and without money. And each of us needs to find out what we need and want for our dreams to be implemented. And pay attention to the relationship with money, but not running after it only. That is simply stressful. As Peter Koenig expressed from his 35 years of research on the topic:

In the end, you can have either pleasure or agony, both in credit or in debt“.

So a simple exercise you can do is this: imagine yourself being dead right now and ask yourself the question “what is my life about?“. What would really matter for you after your whole life?

As entrepreneurs we need to explore our relationship with resources and money and go deep below the surface, otherwise it becomes a force that runs our lives. And that is not what we want.

Interesting exhibition on “what is Money“ from Stapferhaus Museum in Lenzburg: www.stapferhaus.ch.

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