Mismanaged commitments become distractions

Mismanaged commitments become distractions. Just think about how do you do with your mind popping up stuffs never being done! As well said by David Allen in the book “Getting the things done“, if we don’t give appropriate attention to what needs our attention, it will demand more attention than it deserves (as well as more time and energy that’s worth).

Then, where our mind is going? If we don’t accomplish our commitments, it keeps fire to stress.  So, what is the solution? One of the interesting ideas mentioned in this book is to create a “system” to manage our tasks, to capture everything we need to do.  Such system works as a guide to come back on the control when we feel lost, to clear our mind. Merely than just do the tasks, why not understand the processes behind everything we invest our energies on?

Ok, and what is this system? The ideas described on “Getting Things Done” don’t impose any rules on how to do or how we shoud do our tasks. The book gather principles flexible enough to be adapted to whatever method is better for each of us: appointment book, take notes on paper, write on app, graphic recording, etc.

Mismanaged commitments

Our mind is limited in its ability to manage commitments, to remember and remind. That’s how “the system” makes sense, it’s where we can place all the stuffs we need to do. Make things faster, better, happier. What does work? What does make you feel better? In order to get off things of our mind, we need to:

  • Capture and organize everything we need to do
  • Clarify all we need to do onto actionable steps
  • Organize our actions by priority. What’s most important now?
  • Review our list periodically, engage consciously to our actions.

The system means that sacred place we can know we’ll see at the right time, to focus rapidly on the right things! In essence, it means to keep the perspective, to keep clear about decisions, directions and priorities. It’s not about being attached to to-do lists, but to clarify what and why to do everything we add among our tasks.

Do your actions contribute to your purpose? To your vision? To your goals? To your needs? To your projects? And what about your next actions? How are they going to impact your horizont of focus? How your actions will contribute to meet your needs?

What system has been useful for you make things better, faster and happier? Share with us on the comments!

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