Let your crazy dreams flow

How do you usually visualize your projects, goals and tasks? And what about to achieve your crazy dreams? Are you looking for something to use all of your senses?

If yes, it’s worthy get to know the “WOW design model”. For me, it’s been quite useful for visualize my crazy dreams and how can I make everything I do even better. Well, what does mean “WOW design model”?

Firstly, what’s your big dream that drives you crazy? What does make you feel alive and your imagination flow wildly? That’s your WOW! When you feel your dreams through all the senses: mind, body, heart, sounds, imagination, etc. Let yourself capture all the aspects that boost your imagination!

So, pay attention to where you are now, to your present condition. What’s working well? What’s not working? And what’s your desired outcome (your WOW!)? It’s an imagination process to include all the details pushing your passions to make your desired future come true. Don’t be realistic, as you’re thinking about something not done before, probably. Blow away, dream big, think on how you could do so great that even your grandchildren would know about.

But… how do I get there? You know where you’re right now and you’ve visualized your desired outcomes, then, imagine yourself taking 3-4 steps backwards and reflect on which actions are critical for you arrive at your final WOW destination. Write down what’s important for you get there! A simple guide question: “How could look like when my WOW dream come true?” Look ahead to the destination you aim to arrive. Paint a vivid picture in your mind of what you want to make happen.

Below, an example using the WOW design model, where the yellow post-its represent the WOW dream – My first book – with all details as possible, such as best seller list, all languages and other items pointed out among the yellow post-its. And the orange post-its represent the steps to achieve the dream, in this case, to publish a book. On the other hand, the blue post-its refer to the actions for the 72 hours plan, those immediate actions that are critical for the “WOW”.

crazy dreams Example of how to build your WOW model. Just an example!
Example of how to build your WOW model. Just an example!

Once you know what you want to accomplish and why, the “how” is brought into play. Even if your current situation is different from the dreams in your mind, you’ll naturally start to shake your brain up, to brainstorm and fill in the existent gap between your situation and your dreams.

Anyway, it doesn’t mean that’s a safe way. Moving towards our crazy dreams is always a matter of transponding between an “OK zone” (where it’s comfortable) and a “not yet zone” (where we’re still on the way).


Find your WOW,

André, KP SUI Team 4


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