7 tools to help on generate ideas

Are you looking for different tools to help you generate ideas and think out of the box and approach unusual challenges? Or are you feeling stuck, suffering from a creative block? That’s why we decided to gather 7 tools below that are useful for such occasions, with links to their respective websites or  posts describing how to use them.

Scan cards: a scan card is a visual tool that can be used to explain an idea, create an idea portfolio that you can browse through for inspiration, and use for projects. Or you could create a trend card collection as part of the ideation process.

It’s an excellent way to search for and document new relevant and interesting information for a project or concept you are developing. Scan cards help you imagine, develop and create new scenarios while exploring the unknown. A picture, a description and why it’s relevant are all you need! An example of a company that uses Scan cards is the Bespoke.

An example of Scan card!


Methodkit (methodkit.com): combines analogue tools designed to help generate ideas, create an overview and facilitate meetings and workshops. Some kits are frameworks while others are libraries, used for planning, brainstorming, development and evaluation of projects. The post “17 ways of using Methodkit“, written by its founder Ola Muller, summarises how Methodkit can be used. In addition to the cards, there are also some PDFs with key aspects of project development.

methodkit example generate ideas
An example of how Methokit can be used. Only one example!

DesignKit (designkit.org/methods): a page developed by IDEO uniting different human-centered design methods on a step-by-step guide to unleash solutions to complex problems. The methods are grouped according to the categories Inspiration, Ideation, Implementation and By Question. You can also download on this website “The Field Guide to Human-Centered Design” with a brief explanations of 57 methods used at IDEO.

Project of How (projectofhow.com/methods): a website with the purpose of sharing learnings and insights about good creative methods. It currently has 25 methods, including Brain-ShifterThe Insights GameIdea Speed DatingImage Brainstorming, etc.

CreatingMinds (creatingminds.org/tools/tools_ideation): a list of 50 tools for generate ideas, either individually or in group.

Creative Techniques, Mycoted (mycoted.com/Category:Creativity_Techniques): an A-Z list of 192 techniques for ideas generation and innovation, with a description guiding how to use all of them. The techniques as divided on the following sub-categories: Idea GenerationIdea ImplementationIdea SelectionProblem Definition and Processes.

Rippplr: a brainstorming tool that comes into use after research of the project has been completed. It consists on the following game elements: The Rippplr board, Issue cards, Wild Cards and Persona Characters. For more information check out: Rippplr – Playful Thinking.

Do you know about any other awesome inspiring tools and methods to generate ideas? Feel free to share with us!



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