The Changer being the change

Being the change

The Changer is a social impact career platform launched in April 2014, Since launching they have become Germany’s leading online community for social impact professionals. The Changer features jobs, events for professional development, and information for social entrepreneurs, with the aim of helping any and everyone to realise their career with purpose. They also crowdsource community-based articles and interviews that inspire, educate and enable readers to develop their social impact career.

Being the change

We live in a world that is facing some of the greatest and most complex challenges humanity has ever had to face: from climate change, to refugee integration, ebola and exorbitant levels of youth unemployment. At the same time, the majority of young people are frustrated in their careers and searching for opportunities for a career with purpose.

The Changer serve the Millennial workforce with all of the information and support needed to develop a career with purpose.

“Our goal was to connect these social businesses,” says co-founder Nadia Boegli. “By presenting examples of successful, innovative business that also solve social problems. Innovation happens most naturally when people get together to build on ideas. By creating a digital space that makes social engagement more accessible to a wider audience, we hope to foster social innovation and catalyse social change.”

Being the change

KaosPilots meets The Changer

After completing their first semester, Team SUI 4 are currently designing a project plan for external clients. Part of the exam gives students the perfect learning ground to combine theory and learning by doing. Four students have set out to build a bridge for The Changer to enter into the Swiss market. The Berlin-based organisation voiced that there had been a demand to expand in Switzerland and Austria.


In partnership with Impact Hub Zurich, the Kaospilots will be creating the first ever Changer Hangout in Switzerland. The event was born in Berlin, and it’s concept is simple:
foster inspiring conversations and connections. It will be a cozy meetup for all people interested in social entrepreneurship, social change, working in the sector and just in general, DOING GOOD!

With a focus on social entrepreneurship and system-changing social projects, a guest speaker will be invited to share their ideas, experience and practical tips for being the change to other (aspiring) social entrepreneurs.

Want to meet (other) people working in the social impact sector and find out how you can get your foot in the door? Thinking of starting your own social project or business and want some tips? Then come join us for some informal drinks, inspiring conversations and connections.

29th January 2016

Facebook event here

Being the change

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