Playfulness is the first of eight values of the Kaospilots Switzerland. What does that mean? Before I started this education I saw pictures from the Kaospilots and heard all the rumors about Kaospilots being circus artist and acrobats, which made my picture of the KPs rather ‘hippie’ and pictured them dancing in a circle and drawing doddles all day long on flipcharts and post-its.


I guess that is true. Or at least partly true.  Yes, we are doing all that, but the important thing for me that there is a very clear purpose behind. I guess that I before and in the beginning of the education was rather resistant to all the on the surface silly activities such as energizers, morning practice, visualization on flipcharts, days with improtheatre and acrobatics.

I have for many years put away my childhood passion for drawing. Now I grabbed colorful pens again, both because ideas in projects, businesses and processes becomes very much clearer to explain and understand, when you draw them. There is a meaning behind the saying “a picture says more than a thousand words”.  But also because drawing gets me in a very relaxed state of being, which is super important to take care of in a busy daily life.

The reason why we are doing morning practice and energizers is partly to maintain our energy levels but also to team build and create trust within our teams. This has challenged me a lot and now I really see the benefit of it. This helps to stay calm even during stressful times.

Almost the same story goes with the impro theatre and acrobatics. I asked my self a lot why that at all is relevant for the work with businesses and organizations. And I found some answers to that question, among others that I started to realize where some of my fears kicks in. I’m terrible afraid of failing and saying something stupid, so it was a pleasant exercise to have 2 days dedicated to failures and saying stupid things.

So… all those playfulness hippie activities are quite useful actually. It can make life in organizations much lighter and funnier. And I wonder why we adults have become so afraid of playing? Let’s make business and have fun at the same time! 🙂

Mona, Team SUI 3

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