What is 3rd semester at the KaosPilots all about?

Mona Ebdrup I am now in my third semester of my Kaospilot adventure – this is the process facilitation semester. You might think: “what is process all about?”. I can tell that team 3 had the same question when we started off 1,5 months ago. Now more answers to that question appeared and last Thursday we had a very practical experience of process facilitation, when we were designing KaosDay #1. So process facilitation is about designing workshops, where we as facilitators are not involved in producing the content, but more introducing tools, asking questions and holding the container (atmosphere). It is all about listening, both to the spoken and unspoken and also sensing the energy in the room. It is about designing a plan with introduction of tools, time to use the tools and to reflect on them afterwards. AND to be ready for shifts in the plan according to what is needed in the specific moment. Rarely a plan works out completely as you expected, so it is also about being overprepared and understructured.

Mona EbdrupAnd this is not as easy as I thought in the beginning. It really takes your full attention during the whole process, from starting the planning, during the workshop it self and until the closing evaluation. During the first KaosDay it didn’t feel as if I was doing a lot of work. Mainly I was listening and a few times I was introducing tools for my group of participants. In the evening and the day after I was tired as if I had been running Berner Gran Prix. It is a brand new way of working for me, but it is super fascinating how much it means to be holding the container for a group of people without participating in finding solutions on specific topics or problems. I strongly believe this way of consulting is very sustainable, because the solutions are created within the people who are working with the problem/topic and not someone from ‘outside’.  I am looking so much forward for the two other KaosDays in November and January, which I hope will be just as inspiring, fun and motivating as #1!

Mona Ebdrup, Team SUI 3

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