Meet Sidsel Andersen (Team SUI 2) from Denmark

Sidsel AndersenWhat does it mean to be part of the KaosPilots for you?
I am Sidsel Andersen and a Kaospilot because nothing else makes sense.

Why do you think this type of education is important?
It means that everyday I am expanding myself; soon I am covering the whole world. It also means that I am starting to have many sets of glasses that I can take on and off, and which make me able to see things from many different perspectives that I have never seen before.


Where does the education fit in the way you see the world?
Today it seems like the world is turned upside down. The most important thing in school is not Math, language nor being smart and having lot’s of knowledge. The most important thing is human competencies, self-awareness, a meaningful life and life values that fit to who you are. The question is what is most important? Is it to raise a brain in a certain field OR is it to raise holistic and healthy citizens? If you are interested in the last part, KaosPilots is something for you!

Where does the education fit in the way you see the world?

The world is changing and the earth is struggling, whether we choose to care or not.  We are parts of a bigger system, we are both individuals and we are a collective in the same time. As kaosPilots we explore this coexistence and asking ourselves “What am I here to do”?

What do you expect from the time in Capetown?
I except to be challenged! Learning to see everything in a new light and to discover to work in a different way. Being in Cape Town is a beautiful opportunity to engage in a completely different culture than the Swiss one. I think the African culture could inspire and improve the western culture a lot.

Sidsel Andersen

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