Meet Roman Stahli

8334170308_648ea8f234_bMeet Roman Stahli from TeamSUI1, he grew up between the Swiss cities of Bern and Thun surrounded by the lovely river Aare. Before he joined Kaospilots he did an apprenticeship as an electrician and worked as service technician for a Swiss company in Europe. He is also a dedicated ice hockey player, playing since the age of Seven. His other love is music, a self proclaimed Blues, Soul and Rock’n’Roll fanatic who prefers his music good old vinyl or live music way.

When asked which Ice-cream best describes him and why, he told us “A ice-rocket out of walnut-ice topped with some fleur de caramel, natürlich nur aus der Gelateria di Berna 🙂 Ice-Rocket because I can be damn fast (on ice), walnut for the taste of nature and caramel for the sweet surprise”. He described the meaning of being a KaosPilot as being “surrounded by people who want to learn and grow in every moment. It means to me that I am surrounded by people from all over the world and therefore meet different cultures at one place. It means that I am among motivated and inspiring people who respect each other for who they are and who learn in an appropriate way to kick ass when necessary.”
Roman Stahli: “The KaosPilots is an important education because it offers an alternative to the university program and to the usual business schools in Switzerland and the world. It is an education where students learn together not individually.  It is an education where you get confronted with your borders and learn to expand your comfort zone. This world needs the KaosPilots education because there are too many people out there who choose an education by pressure of the parents, by checking the possible wage which can be expected afterwards, or because the school-system offers no other opportunity. Here you learn to listen to your heart and to give space to your dreams and passions. This makes you alive! Don‘t ask what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive and go and do that, because what the world needs are people who have come alive! “Howard Thurman”
Please visit Roman and some other KaosPilots from team1 at WIFAG in Bern where you can ask them questions and share your experience in the world of work. Or drop him a line on

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