Meet Giuliano Mordasini (Team SUI 1) from Switzerland

Giuliano MordasiniPlease tell us who you are and where you are from?
I am Giuliano Mordasini, but most people at he KP call me Giu. I am from Bern and grew up on the countryside. I’ve always had strong connection to nature and to people. I love good food and good company. I enjoy adventures and exploring new things.

What does it mean to be part of the KaosPilots for you?
It means for me to be who I am. Not being restricted to the things you have been thinking of yourself before or what others have thought of you.

Why do you think this type of education is important?
I think we need more generalists in this world that are flexible and open towards what ever comes. I think this is what the school makes out of us. And we need to think ahead, as the proverb goes: “the future is not given by our parents but is borrowed from our children.“

What experiences/learning did you take home from Cape town last year?
My time in South Africa has impacted me very much in regards of the following reasons: The fact to deal with a new and different culture/ mentality, to lead a project with internal team members and local supporters, to find a personal passion in surfing and enjoy full expression of myself. I’ve learned what it means to be proud of myself.

Giuliano Mordasini


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