KaosPilots Inspiration Awards

inspiration awardInspiration award – what is it? All cities have their own heart beats whether they be Cape Town, Stockholm or Berlin they all have their charms. They are also places of inspiration, creativity and innovation of different forms. We took to the streets of Bern to find out what its citizens think makes the Swiss capital an inspirational place to live in.
inspiration awardAlthough the weather was the chill of the last days of autumn, it didn’t stop the people of this beautiful city from stopping to give us their opinions. At first we thought it was due to our amazing improvised flash mob, but it was really because these people wanted to be part of the shaping of their own city and they are happy to give input and advice of which places are helping the shift.  The same happened the next day when we again stopped people on the street to ask them to vote for the places that inspire them for the upcoming Kaospilots Inspiration Awards and they didn’t hold back. We got to hear of some cool spaces that are creating an amazing impact and we can not wait to visit them. 
inspiration awardIt is amazing to be part of this amazing city and get to know it’s inspirition. Thank you, Bern! 
Mona, Team SUI 3

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