6 Tips from the KaosPilots to make your day more fun and productive



fun and productiveRoutines that help me stay away from creative-bug-blockers.

Always, and then I mean always start the day with yoga – become present is the key to universe question. During the day find a spot where you can do Zen meditation, if your are in a strong superman mode you put yourself in a crowed and find inner peace, if your not superman on the day you find a calmer place. and slowly build yourself up.
I can use the mantra: – I am awesome.  5 times as a creative-bug-blockers appear
Many people drink coffee, energy drinks and eat 200 g of chocolate. Well that’s cool but i usually ends me up on the roof screaming wired things with absolutely no control ( Ok sometimes it can have a value of paying that price . while a extreme movie or presentation needs to be done when I only have to preform for 2 min) and then I crash heavily down to the ground.

Always always drink green tea, stay away from the sugar and smile man smile!

Cecilia, Team SUI 2


Müesli -> Energy to be fun and productivefun and productive
Ä Müesli in the morning gives me a colorful and a smooth start into and maintains my energy throughout the day (most of the time)  😉
To stand up in the morning and put all the different ingredients together to a juicy Müesli allows my stomach and my senses to have a happy start into the day.
Important -> the ingredients:
Fruits,  2-3 (just half of each fruit, rest can be eaten troughout the day)
grapes (dry)
natural yoghurt
some lemon juice


Roman, Team SUI 1


I have to read at least one comic strip a day since there is the general
rule to go through life “laugh often and much”.

My favourite are:

Rolf, Teamleader Team SUI 2
fun and productive








Whenever my world seem a little to simple, i can always move on by using this amazing website 😛 http://thesaurus.com/browse/possibility

Sidsel, Team SUI 2

fun and productive






Music to get relaxed again.

Mäk, Team SUI 2

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngUrO4g5tM8?rel=0]


fun and productive
It keeps me inspired with amazingly beautiful pictures and also helps me to keep a to do list!
Ana, Team SUI 2

How do you make your days more fun and productive? Let us know in the comments.



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