Switzerland, Snow and Acrobatics


Arriving here, was slightly overwhelming, I left on a hot summer’s day and arrived in snow, At first I was in awe, amazed by how beautiful it was and then the gravity and reality of it all sank in 3 days later. Awe, wonder and glory, quickly turned into an Oh dear God what have I done? It’s freezing, I am soo far away from home and I don’t speak any German or French.

School was like diving face first into the deep sea, with your arms behind your back. It was frightening and potentially lethal, thrilling and if you’re willing to, really willing to just allow yourself to be, and just go and trust the process, then you soon realise, that the dive isn’t fatal at all, it’s exhilarating and really allows you to grow in a big way…


Our teammates are amazing, and even though we both arrived 2 months late (yeah yeah african time baby) and at the beginning of our first big project exams of our schooling education. The team made us feel very welcome, each taking it upon themselves to show us the ropes, and make sure that we had what we needed, and that our transition took place as smoothly as possible. And everything was covered, from the more obvious quick crash coursework and tools we missed, right down to the practical how to do grocery shopping in another language.

One of my most memorable days at school was the day we had this juggling and acrobatics workshop with Stefan, and I hated it at first. I couldn’t juggle to save my life, and everyone else was amazing at it, and I spent hours trying to get the hang of it, and what was really beautiful about that day was that as a group we all felt free to ask for tips and help from one another, and support each other in our learning. Also apparently juggling is really a good exercise for the brain.


Then later that afternoon came the really hard part. We had to build human pyramids and stand on each other’s shoulder’s and stuff. And at first I was really afraid, because I didn’t want to fall or let anyone else fall. But it happened anyway, right at the beginning and then Viktoria told me to that I just need to not be afraid because that’s the worst thing to do and that I should just learn to trust. To trust myself and everyone else, and then I’d be fine and I wouldn’t fall… So I did it, I trusted and I stood up on Fred and Kristoffer’s shoulders, stepped on to Stefan’s and then on to the top of the human pyramid, scared, trembling, but absolutely thrilled all at the same time.

It’s been two and half months since we first arrived, and it hasn’t been always, easy but it’s never been boring.

Robyn and Nkuli, Team SUI 2, robyn@kaospilots.ch, nkuli@kaospilots.ch

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