Kaospilots education is an oasis and it is not an oasis


There are few oasis (at least in Bern, and generally Switzerland) where you can attend a gathering of people and, if you tell them that you’ve just decided to start your own business, virtually everyone answers: „Oh this is great! What are you thinking of?“ (including the underlying message „I believe in you“ and maybe even „oh let’s do something together“). More often I receive answers like: „Have you really thought this through?“ So, in this sense  Kaospilots Switzerland are definitely an oasis of encouragement, playfulness, courage, thoughtful action and much more.

In some other sense, the Kaospilot education is NOT an oasis. I’ve experienced this, when I recently was invited to be an external censor/examiner at an exam of a group of students from team SUI 2. Not only I was external but also the Swedish Club as the client for the project (which, by the way, the students had found themselves).

The students from team SUI 2 have started their Kaospilot education in October 2013 – so this is not the peak challenge at the end of their education, but their first test of what they have learnt. From the very beginning the outside world is in the school or rather: the school is part of the world with its challenges and tasks and is no ivory tower with different rules or theory with little link to reality.

When I saw the students perform their presentation, telling about the challenges of staying tuned to the project after an interruption through an intensive course which fell into the time of the project, I fell in love with the school the second time (the first time I decided to attend the school in Denmark, unbelievably – already 15 years ago). This time I just warmly recommend real-world-learning in a context where you can try out crazy things, stretch your comfort zone and have time to reflect upon all these adventures and draw your conclusions from it.



Daniela Hälg, team 6, Kaospilots school in Aarhus, Denmark
Facilitator and coach to support organizations in focusing their actions
(Soon you’ll find more about her offer here: www.tatenschmiede.ch)

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