Why you can’t just sign up and become a KaosPilot

Since last week, the Kaospilot application form for Team SUI is online and can be downloaded from our website.

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This form is the first part of the assessment process to become a KaosPilots-student, followed by a two-day assessment workshop on April 30th and May 1st.

Often, people ask us, why the assessment to become a KaosPilot is so much work for the applicants. Normally (for other schools) you just have to fill out an application form and that’s it.

The KaosPilot education is not a standard education. Becoming a KaosPilot is a lot about saying “yes” to the unknown and being open minded and curious what’s going to happen in these three years. People who expect a school in a traditional sense where you just “sit and wait” would get disappointed within no time. At the KaosPilots you are responsible for what you learn. Therefor we only want people applying, who are ready and hungry enough to go through this adventure with us.

We do not focus on what the applicants have done and accomplished in the past. We focus on their future, their dreams and their way of making it happen.  The application consists of two parts: The Kaospilot application form and a two-day assessment workshop.

2013-12-03 15.02.14In the first part of the written application, the so called MAP and DNA part, we ask questions like:

– What do you want to achieve in your life?

– How do you take leadership in your environment?

– When was the last time you stood up for something that you believed in? What was your motivation? How did it turn out?

– Ask someone close to you what he or she thinks you could develop on a personal level. How was it to hear this?

– When was your belief system last challenged? – Please describe…

It is very challenging to answer these questions. And that is how it should be. We want the applicants to be pulled out of their comfort-zone.

Besides the MAP and the DNA, we ask the students for a creative assignment. They have to design their future professional dream and present it to us in a surprising way. Together with the presentation, whatever form they choose, we ask them to make a two-page report that explains their working process whilst executing the assignment.


If the assignment passes the jury, the applicant gets invited to the two-day assessment workshop at the KaosPilots. There are two reasons why this takes two whole days (at the KaosPilots in Aarhus it event takes three full days) First: We want to give the TestPilots a decent look at the way we work and learn: They work in teams with people they don’t know. They work on a client project which needs results by the end of the two days. And they need to achieve different tasks (achieve goals oder complete tasks), besides the client project.

Bottom Line: We want to know who is applying in order to pick the best possible team. And we want the TestPilots to have a deeper look into the KaosPilots as well and that is why you can’t just sign up for the KaosPilots.For us on the other hand, it is very interesting to see the TestPilots’ characteristics and their behavior during these two days. .

So, do you have what it takes? Download the Kaospilot application form here: http://www.kaospilots.ch/kaospilots/school/application.html


Cedric, Staff

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