What has the question “how to host large groups?“ got to do with our Outpost in Cape-Town?

Another week with different topics went by in a rush: The main topic regarding process leading was how to host large groups meaning 25 and more participants (up to 2ooo). Once again we could profit of the rich experience Matti Straub has with his background of years of group facilitation. We looked into methods called world café, open space, future search conference, Zukunfts-Werkstatt or RTSC (real time strategic change). All these methods have in common to get the best out of the collective wisdom of a group.

How does for example a World Café look like?

host large groups

On diverse tables, covered with paper, is on each a question. Take as many tables as you have questions and cover them with a flipchart-paper. The participants are distributed to the tables and explained the rules. They explore the question and note everything on the paper. People can move to other tables whenever they want. This goes on within multiple rounds and is closed by each table presenting a summary of what came up. The World Café ends when the planed timeframe is over and the results go back to the initiator of the World Café.  From there one can go on with further developing.

Who is William Hewett and what is Dialogue?

Another highlight of the week was our special guest from the South Africa (flying in from Aarhus, Denmark): William Hewett. William is a teamleader at the KaosPilot in Aarhus and he shared with us the topic Dialogue. Dialogue is a tool – if not an attitude – in process-leading and in communication in general. It’s a form of sharing opinions without arguing, collecting the views from different perspectives and building on each other and digging for new insights.

Capetown host large groupsWilliam will be our teamleader during the outpost in Cape-Town, RSA. This makes our last topic obvious: the outpost! We are all really excited now – and challenged! From March till May 2014 we will go to RSA together with team19 from Aarhus and form an organization to have a structure to deal with whatever comes. And one thing comes for sure: projects! Each of us will work on at least two projects and contribute in some way in the organization.  Surely you will read more of our outpost soon.

Referring to the title: How will it be for our teamleaders to host 47 Kaospilots in South Africa? We are curious to experience it next year.

Marc, Team SUI 1

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