Team SUI 1, ready for take-off!

Did you know, KaosPilot students are like humble-bees? No, we don’t have wide striped backsides. Or maybe some of us do, I haven’t seen all of my team mates naked, but in the group showers during our first team building week… ok, focus! ANYWAY, what I wanted to say is the following: It is scientific proven that the humble-bee, as cute as it is, actually is too heavy for the size of her wings and therefore can’t fly. Obviously, it doesn’t know that and just flies around. Sometimes when you really REALLY want to do something, it’s a bit the same: You just do it. Well, hopefully you do!

At the KaosPilots, we are trained humble-bees in that sense that we just try things out, no matter if we ever do it or not. At the moment, team SUI 1 is on its take-off out in the world, working with different clients as Process Consultants.

Internal KP tool- and method-box filled? Check! Experience? No, ma’m/ sir! Not been there, never done that, and it’s going to be fun anyway (hint: if you’re interested in having a KaosPilot in for a Process Consultation, write us:

Helen Eriksentake-off-helen-eriksen. She is an expert in coaching sportsmen and business people in creative ways that include body, mind and nutrition and leads the best morning practices ever. Last year, she taught us some yoga routines and what it takes to nurture our bodies to achieve peak performances.

This time, she took us with her on a three days journey through the micro human psyche and deep down to basic assumption land. We discovered our own images around different topics and turned around to clear out the way and to be able to stay as neutral as possible while observing and working with the client. As well, we talked about how to design workshops and client interventions in a sustainable way. Believe it or not: taking out the maximum for both the client’s and our own learning as future process consultants means that the learnings stick. Therefore, we talked about how to sharpen our communication skills to get our messages through and how to achieve an optimal stimulation level.

take-offAnother big topic addressed was ethic choices. It is always good to know: What will I do for money and what not? Where are my nonnegotiable boundaries? And what does taking ethical choices mean in the context of client work?

At the end of the three days, Helen introduced us to spiral dynamics, a concept of eight basic stages or memes a human can consist of. To wrap up the day with Helen, we discovered which memes are the most present right now in ourselves.

The two remaining days of the week, we used for some team time and an input on befriending conflicts. Besides the Council Guide Training and the School Council just before Christmas, we won’t see us or work together in our “normal” school environment.

The check-out on Friday – we normally check in with an intention for the day and check out at the end of classes each day to know where everyone is at right now – was in a bigger circle, including our team leader Markus and our headmaster Matti. After everyone had spoken, Matti had the last words (they were very touching and will remain secret, there has to be a little mystery left) and send us out into the wild world of workshops and process consultation. And we all know we’ll be take-off and flying, with or without striped backs.

Anna, Team SUI 1

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