The importance of energizing your body in the mornings

Energizing your body? I’m not a morning person. Never was and probably never will be. Getting up in the morning before, let’s say 9 o’clock, is a pain in the ass. No “rise and shine”, more “hit snooze and whine”.

energizing your body

Generally, it takes me at least one hour and several cups of coffee to wake up and be able to communicate with others in a decent way. The coffees are enough to get stuff started, but untill around 11 o’clock, I’m still pretty far away from being full of energy.

So Monday mornings definitely have their downsides. But they also have one big advantage: Every Monday morning Team SUI 1, Team SUI 2 and staff of the KaosPilots Switzerland come together for group practice, in order to energize our bodies and get ourselves ready for the upcoming week.

Viktor facilitated a group warm-up with a story about producing wine followed by Natalia who did breathing exercises with us. The whole morning practice only took about 5-10 minutes, but the difference it made on my energy level was huge. It reminded me once again that the mind (or at least mine) doesn’t work even close to its full potential without waking up and energizing your body as well. Definitely nothing very new, but it was good to see the difference once again.

With this experience in mind I have to remind myself not to focus only on coffee in the mornings, but that I have to wake up my body as well. I’m going to use the next days to try some routines and will see what works for me. I’ll keep you posted about my progress.

Do you have any advice? What works for you? What do you do for energizing your body in the mornings? Any routines I should try out?

Cedric, KaosPilots Staff

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