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Paint & PlayThe first three days we had the pleasure to welcome Kristin Birkeland from Norway as our teacher for Paint & Play. She introduced us to the „Theory U“ from Otto Scharmer. In the first step Kristin deepened the understanding of this concept. Later some time was dedicated to paint. To get out of our brains, each one of us spent time to open up and to transform informations from the body to the canvas. Kristin smoothly guided us through this process. At the end everybody has been surprised about the outcome and intensity of this experience of Paint & Play.

How to implement this tool into a coaching? Do we have gathered enough experience to go out with „Theory U“? These questions at the end of the workshop have been answered by Kristin with „You can’t have enough experience, it’s all about making the first step and then learn from it.“

Paint & PlayThursday morning started with meeting Hans Fluri with a broad variety of toys. The circus music in our team room influenced us so much, that we immediately started to play with these toys. During the day we learned a lot about metaphors and relations between toys and companies. In which different ways can you play with one toy? How is this comparable with the processes in companies? What is needed to play with a certain tool? Interest in what you are doing or trying to do is very important.

Hans Fluri is the author of a book with 1012 games, where most of them can be played with two or up to  two thousand people. Therefore the challenge is, to figure out which game to use in which situation. For example at a workshop after lunch, when all stomachs are full it could be a refreshment to use one of these games. At the end of the day Hans Fluri said goodbye with the words -> Aufwieder-Spielen (Word game in german: instead of see you – play with you.

Sacha Winckler (Team SUI1)

Roman Stähli (Team SUI1)

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