Creative Rollercoaster

This week had three major topics. One was to dive into the Creative Rollercoaster. A method to guide a group of people through a change process. An other one was to learn how to use the method as a process consultant. The third one was to plan and prepare the KaosPilots stall at the Designgut fair in Winterthur.
The Creative Rollercoaster was brought to us by Peter Müller who is a process consultant at Syngenta and Now-here. He accepted the challenge to lead, guide and work with us, Team SUI1. The topic we addressed was one of the KaosPilots key values ‘Tribal Mind’. What does it mean for us as individuals and as a school? How do we put it into life and live it? As a starting point, we received a question from our head master Matti. The first step was to make it our own. Out of the initial question emerged a new one that we all agreed to work with for the coming week. We used different exercises combining working in the big group and splitting up in smaller groups. We filled in with questions when ever needed to understand how the process works and how we can use it as future process consultants.
Today is Friday and we are very tired. We had ups and downs all week long. Things were triggered and fruitful discussions and dialogues emerged. All of us had deep insights into oneself and the team. On Thursday late afternoon we experienced something like a breakthrough. Things became clear and we developed a common understanding about the words Tribal Mind. Now we are all keen to see how we move forward next week. How will we bring it together and put it into action. What more can we learn from the process consulting perspective. How can we make it our own and use it in our upcoming process exam?
The week ended with the opening of the Designgut fair in Winterthur. We came here right after school and met Anna and Roman as well as the entire Team SUI 2. We had a very warm welcome at the entrance of the Casino building. This felt very good and motivated us to rock the boat. For the first time the two teams work together, a memorable moment! Celebrate good times common!
Isabell & Mario Team SUI1

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